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Determining The Cost of iPhone App Development in 2022

This blog intends to decipher the purpose and reasons behind the cost of iOS app development, however, perceptions might differ. All details are updated after intensive research. Let’s begin! 

Businesses are accelerating to create an environment of continuous improvement, and innovation to deliver customer value faster. Besides, the right software development methodology, the right mobile app also acquits the business flow across all business functions. Therefore, developing a cost-effective and highly performant mobile app is pertinent (irrespective of the platform). 

iOS App Development is suitable for startups/enterprises equally, due to enhanced security followed by iOS App Developers. The cost to develop an app varies from a local agency, in-house team, freelance team, and outsourcing a team of developers. There isn’t a single answer, however, we need to be adaptable in this regard.  

Here’s a quickie (approximately): 

  • Local Agency – Average fixed cost of development ($80,000) 
  • In-house Team – Average fixed cost of development ($40,000) 
  • Freelance Team – Average fixed cost of development ($10,000) 
  • Outsourcing Team of Experts – Average fixed cost of development ($16,000)

Overall, cost of iOS App Development 2022: 

  • Cost to Create a Simple iOS App in 2022: $15,000 to $32,000 (1 – 2 months) 
  • Cost to Create a Medium iOS App: $32,000-$48,000 (3 – 6 months) (Source
  • Cost to Create a Complex iOS App: $72,000-$211,000 (7- 8 months) 

App Categories on the iOS App Store 

The type of mobile apps also affects the cost of mobile app development. All the apps are not the same in functionality and appearance. They solve different purposes and are crafted in different contexts and technology stacks.  

Every app follows the following stages of app development: 

  1. Idea Generation 
  1. Deciding Features 
  1. UI/UX Design 
  1. Creating Prototypes 
  1. Development 
  1. QA Testing 
  1. Launching and Release 
  1. Support and Maintenance 

We can determine the cost of app creation on basis of these factors: 

  • Basic App: It can be a calculator, a local game, an SMS app, or an audio/video player. It normally contains 5-6 screens where a backend/network connection is not required.   The cost to build a basic iOS App: Approximately $15,000, Timeline: 1 month. 
  • Data-Driven App: It can be a calendar, weather app, stocks, and map that makes use of only specific information. The cost to build a data-driven app is more than $15,000, Timeline: 1-1.5 months.  
  • Authentication App: Google App, Google Forms, Google One, Google Travel, Google Podcasts, Google Arts and Culture, Google Ads, Google Collections, Google Earth, Google Classrooms, Google Jamboard, Google Keep, Google Hangouts, Google Books, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Finance and McDonald’s Loyalty App are apt examples of apps that require authentication.  

You need to hire an iOS team who could create authenticator apps that generate time-based, one-time passcodes (TOTP or OTP), six digits that refresh every 30 seconds. They might need to use the HMAC-Based One-Time Password (HOTP) algorithm. Such apps should back up account information, in case you no longer have the phone you set everything upon. 

Authy, Duo Mobile, LastPass Authenticator, and Microsoft Authenticator offer this. Google Authenticator does not currently offer this. Such apps essentially have multi-user deployment options, provisioning, and one-tap push authentication.  

But Apple lock-in issue creates a problem as it can’t transfer your saved two-factor authentication accounts to an Android device if you have backed up to iCloud, since the iPhone version requires using iCloud. Microsoft Authenticator tops up one more level of security by unlocking your phone with a PIN or biometric verification in order to see the codes. Cost to build an iOS Authenticator App: $60,000+, Timeline: 3-6 months

E-Commerce Apps: E-commerce marketplace applications like Amazon needs a well-planned backend and admin panel to manage catalogue pages, payments, users, orders, and inventory with complex infrastructure. Cost to build an e-commerce app: $60,000 – $1,00,000+, Timeline: 6-10 months.  

On-Demand Apps: On-demand e-commerce apps that include login, chats, calls, payment gateways, delivery, and user feedback. The cost to develop an on-demand app: $70,000 – $1,00,000, Timeline: 5-7+ months. 

Travel Booking Apps: These require interaction in user experience, are time-consuming, and are not cost effective.  The cost to build a travel booking app: is $3,00,000+, Timeline: is 9+ months.  

IoT and Hardware App: Such apps are Home assistance devices, medical tools, pet collars Popular examples are Amazon, Beacons, Dash buttons, WeMo. Cost to develop such IoT and Hardware Apps: 60,000+, App Development Timeline: 3-6 months.   

Factors to Consider While Determining the Cost of iOS Apps in 2022 

iOS App Development bespeaks impressive revenue, down-the-line security, high-quality standards, international market exposure, best user interface, and less time-consuming development. Companies decide the cost to develop a mobile app according to:  

  • The complexity level of app development/design 
  • The platform on which the app will run (iOS/Android) 
  • The country in which the app is being developed 
  • Per hour rates of the developer 
  • The size of the organization – Startup, small-size, mid-size, enterprise 
  • Hiring an agency or in-house development  
  • Businesses can maintain constant communication if they hire a local agency. They get access to expert quality and the possibility to make changes easily. But hiring an in-house team of developers is always cost-effective and also offers complete transparency, communication, and trustworthy solution. 
  • Also, the cost of developing an app by an in-house team is always different from the cost of developing an app by hiring an agency of app developers. 
  • If you are hiring a freelancer, the cost of app development is also going to vary, as the cost of app development varies if you hire them on a contract basis, and alternatively, if you hire them on an hourly basis.  
  • If you outsource app development to an agency, it will certainly reduce the development cost of the app. It is essential to discuss their previous references, client testimonials, past experiences and case studies. The cost of outsourcing mobile application development greatly depends upon the operating system, the minimum viable product, features, type of app, UI/UX design, tools, software and other factors.  
  • Building iOS apps for single or multiple platforms.  
  • Offline (internet-dependent) or online (internet-dependent) app 
  • Number of features in iOS app 
  • The complexity of frontend, design, backend, database 
  • Adding animations and special effects 
  • Software Development Methodology Agile, Waterfall, Feature-driven development, Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean, Iteration, V-shaped, Spiral  
  • Backend infrastructure and connected APIs 

Rules to Estimate The Cost of iOS App Development  

The cost estimation depends upon the kind of factors you choose to opt for – features of the app, complexity, app development platform, hourly rate of developers, free or paid, feature advertisements, budget for app maintenance, responsive design of the app, cost model, and likewise. Besides, these, are frequent app updates, hosting, membership or license updates, More or less, can be outlined with a formula: Hourly Rate * (Features*Time) = Approximate Cost of App Development. But before moving ahead, look out for developers’ portfolios, recommendations, and client reviews.    

Conclusive: How to decide on iOS app development cost? 

When you start estimating the cost to develop an ios app (platform-specific), the price range varies with the quality,  and the availability of skilled people to accomplish that for you. Alternatively, some factors might swindle with time, may become obsolete, deprecate, or increase in popularity. Discern as you move through the app development process. Follow ITFirms for more such updates. 

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