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Desert Safari Dubai’s Best Night Desert Safari 

Best Night Safari

Dubai desert night safari is one of the best Arabian adventures thanks to the beautiful dunes, private tent, camel ride and overnight stay. The safari lasts more than 12 hours. It includes many fun things, such as dune bashing on the dunes in the Arabian Desert, camel riding, sandboarding, falcon photography, and quad biking.

Then the fantastic Dubai desert safari is made even better by spending the night camping in the desert and having a delicious BBQ buffet dinner under the starry desert sky. The next day, the trip ends with a delightful breakfast. There are various overnight desert safari offers available, so you can find the one that meets all your needs. Spend the night in the open desert with sleeping bags or in private tents surrounded by thrilling stars.

In short, an overnight desert safari.

Night Desert Safari Dubai Deals is popular for its unforgettable Night Desert Safari. The overnight tour will take place at a safari camp in the Burj Al Arab desert. This is where the most exciting things happen. This safari tour starts with a safari in the desert and ends with a delicious breakfast. Under the charming desert sky in the middle of Abu Dhabi, you can ride camels, watch fun belly dancing, and ride a bike in the Saudi desert.

When you spend the night in private tents, you can stare at the stars and do things like camels, quad bikes, dunes, etc. Which you will remember for a lifetime

This full night safari tour is a great way to experience the beauties of Dubai and its vast desert, full of wonders and adventures that you can not even describe. After all, what could be better than sleeping under the stars in the Arabian desert while enjoying a barbecue dinner buffet and a Bedouin atmosphere?

Highlights of the Night Desert Safari

With our thrilling dune bashing tour, make the most of your night safari and conquer the highest Arabian dunes. Learn about the charm and culture of the desert in fun ways.

Stay overnight in a traditional Arabian tent in the desert, where you can enjoy the fire and the starry sky in your tent.

Get the best of both worlds for desert adventures, with a glimpse of a morning desert safari in Dubai and a sobering evening experience. During your overnight stay, you can do belly dancing, quad biking, falcon photography, sandboarding, camel riding etc.

You will see sunrise and sunset in the open desert camp. You also get free meals that make your night in the desert in Dubai better and fuller (both literally and figuratively).

In terms of safety, you get sleeping bags in the desert camp.

Our guests are free to drink as much tea, coffee and soft drinks as they want during this desert camping experience in Dubai. During Dubai Night Desert Safari, the following activities and services will be charged extra: camel riding and quad biking, specialty tea or coffee, horseback riding or camel riding, private shisha, falcon photography and shopping with souvenirs and fresh juices.

We will pick you up safely and reliably if you want to come to our desert night safari. A fully loaded 4×4 Landcruiser is available to pick up and drop off guests. This is because the cruiser has safety features and comprehensive insurance. This way, you are safe and secure if something goes wrong. 

Our sunset photography opportunity lets you take a picture of the sun going down. You can get a henna tattoo during the overnight desert safari that will last “temporarily” and “apparently.”

The best parts of this overnight desert safari are dune bashing, riding a camel, and having breakfast in the morning. 

This high-end (but not too expensive) Dubai safari lets you dress up in Arabic clothes and have your picture taken while wearing them. 

Inclusions for an Overnight Desert Safari

45 minutes of sandboarding:

The most exciting part of our overnight desert safari is the 45-minute dune bash ride in a 4×4 dune bash or dune buggy over the red dunes in the endless desert. Yes! We had 45 minutes of pure fun and adventure in the Dubai desert. All of the packages for our overnight desert safari tour include camel rides, sandboarding, and a broader, more in-depth look at the Dubai desert and the overnight desert stay. 

ATV Quad Bike Ride:

You can rent a 200-350cc Quad Bike for the evening safari and race around a track with your friends. The quad bikes in our package are the best way to show that we are here to make your evening safari and overnight desert safari easy, fun, and safe. 


Sandboarding is an alternative to snowboarding and snow in general. It is a part of all overnight desert safari packages. Sandboarding gets its name because you have to balance the board on the dunes instead of skis.

camel ride:

If you go on a night safari in Dubai and don’t ride a camel, you’re missing out on one of the region’s oldest and most famous cultural activities. Taking the kids on a camel ride in the desert is another fun way to keep them busy. The trekking camels we hire are well trained and friendly.

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