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Desert Safari Dubai Guide for Best Adventure

Desert Safari Dubai Guide for Best Adventure

Most people go to Dubai because of its tall skyscrapers and many ways to have fun, but this great Arabian city is more than that. A  Desert Safari Dubai is a great way to see the desert land just outside the city. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to drive there.

To its credit, it suits a wide range of tastes and needs. If you’re unsure which desert trip to take, The Planet Adventure’s guide to the different kinds of desert trips will help you choose the best Dubai desert safaris.

 Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safaris in Dubai have guided trips into a large, isolated area of desert sands far from the city center. It’s the opposite of what the fancy part of Dubai seems to be like.

This unique off-road trip lets you get away from the chaos of city life for a few hours without any noise or crowds. So all you’ll get to do here is enjoy the unbeatable beauty of the dune scenery and the absolute peace.

What to Expect

A typical desert safari in Dubai is the perfect mix of nature, adventure, and the most amazing cultural and traditional experiences. In fact, on your desert safari, you can look forward to the following. Still, the included things will depend on which Dubai desert safaris you choose.

Dune Bash

 A powerful 4X4 vehicle driven by a skilled driver is needed for a dune bash. This is the most exciting way to get through the seas of low and high dunes. This is, of course, one of the best parts of the Dubai desert safaris for people who like to take risks.

Sunset or Sunrise Views

 One of the best parts of most Dubai desert safaris is seeing the sunrise, sunset, or both. Even if you don’t like photography, you can’t help but take a few pictures of this amazing sight of the sun rising or setting in the raw beauty of the desert.

 the traditional Arabian Hospitality Experience

 You’ll be taken to the Bedouin-style campsite after a dune bash and a few short stops along the way. It’s where you’ll spend the last few hours before the end of your Dubai desert safari. Your stay here starts with a warm welcome with Arabic coffee and fresh dates. And this would get you ready for your next adventures.

 Camel Ride

 Get on the camel’s back and enjoy a cool, wobbly ride as you watch the beautiful desert dunes change color. Besides being lively and interesting, it provides a look into the humble lives of the Emiratis prior to the discovery of oil.

Quad Biking

Riding a quad bike across the vast Arabian Desert is one of the most exciting things. The best thing about this is that you don’t need any special skills or licenses to try it. After a short briefing from experts, you’ll be ready for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, the Dubai desert safaris.

Cultural Activities

A desert safari is more than just a bunch of exciting things to do. Many of the activities let you learn more about the interesting traditions and culture. Have beautiful henna designs drawn on your hands, try smoking Shisha, watch falconry, and make sure to take pictures of yourself dressed in traditional clothes as a souvenir of your Dubai desert safari.

BBQ Dinner

It’s one of the nicest portions of the Dubai desert safaris in the evening or at night. How good food tastes and how good it is depends on the service provider you choose. For example, Rayna Tours has one of the most luxurious BBQs, with live cooking stations and counters for fresh fruits, delicious traditional desserts, etc.

Traditional shows

From the sensual belly dance show to the fabulous dervish Tanura and cool fire show, a wide range of amazing traditional entertainment make your evening or overnight Dubai desert safari unforgettable.


Most of desert safari in Dubai are the same, but an overnight desert safari is different in this way. All of the camping equipment is set up in the middle of the desert, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty of Dubai’s desert at night.

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