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Dental advice for your cat

You may be wondering why a cat will be needing dental care but have you taken a second to question why they shouldn’t? I mean, cats eat every day as humans do, and being carnivores, their teeth need to stay sharp and healthy, that’s where the dental care sets in. Just like humans, plaques in the cat’s teeth get accumulated, and if not quickly taken care of, it might lead to loss of teeth caused by gingivitis. But it doesn’t just stop there when there is a steady accumulation of bacteria in the cat’s mouth, complications like kidney and heart issues may arise.  

According to research, nearly 80 percent of the cats aged two to three years have symptoms of dental disease, and if your cat is within this age range and you have not been paying attention to her dental issues, then it is best to start now. Some of the signs to look out for pertaining to dental issues with your cats are; when your cat starts dropping food from her mouth, doing a lot of hiding, becoming unnecessarily aggressive, chewing with just one side of her mouth, loss of weight, bad odor, to mention a few. These things can be excruciating and how else will a cat express herself if not with irregular attitudes. Now that you are familiar with the symptoms that go with dental issues, how best can they be prevented or controlled?  

Brushing is as important to cats as they are to humans.

In the wild, the carnivores take care of their teeth by chewing on bones, but can we consider our cats as wild animals, especially now that they are our pets? I guess the answer is no.  Perth based veterinarian  clinic –  The Pet Practice have told us to keep their teeth strong and healthy, the need to brush their teeth daily or at least two times a week is necessary.

Though we will be brushing their teeth to improve their health and prevent dental issues, can we just grab them one day and try to brush their teeth without prior occurrences? That’s a big no, and remembering they were not used to it, we will have to start bit by bit. Therefore, you can start by playing around in her mouth while cuddling, gently pulling up her lips to see her teeth. Doing this will make you conscious of her reaction when you want to brush her teeth, and you will know how best to go all up in her teeth. Your cat might be scared of toothbrush though, do not freight, there are other options like using a gauze pad to wipe her teeth or a dental wipe which can all be gotten from a pet’s store. Also, human toothpaste is not to be used for pets.

Choosing a dental toy and treats for your cat is a considerable option

It is no surprise that cats also enjoy playing with toys and having a toy that is beneficial to the health of the cat means you will be killing two birds with one stone. So, you can just visit your veterinarian so he can hook you up with cool toys that fitted with enzymes to reduce plaques.

The use of dental rinse comes as easy as it sounds

If your cat doesn’t allow you up in her teeth there is nothing to worry about, with the dental rinse, the bacteria that may be lurking around will be flushed out. This is also a good alternative to taking care of the dentition of your pet.

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