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Deepanshu kher about Top Mistakes Done by Public Motivational Speakers on the Stage

We all are humans so making mistakes is pretty obvious. And when you have planted yourself on the stage to motivate others and boost their confidence, then making some mistakes is natural. So, whether you are a popular motivational speaker like Deepanshu Kher or just started your career in this industry, making mistakes is not a sin. 

But what are those common mistakes and how you can avoid them? To help you in this quest, we have come up with this post. Take a look:

Deepanshu kher have come up with some points Take a look

  • Mistake 1: Not getting familiar with the targeted audience

Well! This is something that can bring a lot of challenges. This mistake is typically done by those who have just started their career as motivational speakers or public speakers. If you ask about the reasons for this mistake, then we would say that it is because of a lack of confidence, experience, and nervousness. However, you must understand that you can easily deal with these issues. Just keep one thing in mind – once you get the final proposal for the event, just ask the organizer about the audience they are targeting. For instance, if the motivation session is for a team or business, then you should ask questions about the interests, expectations, needs, cultural and traditional values, etc. of the targeted audience. When you know your audience, you will be able to create an impressive speech for them – Deepanshu Kher motivational speaker.

  • Mistake 2: Starting slow and finishing fast

Before we reach the solution, let us tell you one thing – the first 5-6 minutes of the event or speech are crucial. This is the time when you have the full opportunity to grab the attention of the targeted audience. If you fail in this, then chances are higher that your audience will be detached and feel the event like a burden. How to fix this mistake? For this, you neither start slow nor fast. Instead, you must maintain the right pace throughout the speech. You can also take an idea by seeing the events of popular names such as Deepanshu Kher.

  • Mistake 3: Not involving your audience

You must be thinking about what the need is to involve your audience! Well! You should keep in mind that without involving them, you cannot make your event a hit. It is because when your audience is involved, they will pay more heed to your speech and when they are interested, the chances are that they will ask questions or put their thoughts. In case you do not involve them, they will spend more time on their phone and may not give good reviews and feedback. So, keep their specific needs and interests in mind to involve them.

  • Mistake 4: Being unnecessarily or illogically demanding

Do you want special treatment or some different types of beverages at the last moment? Have you expanded your prices? If yes, then last-minute demands can ruin your image in the industry. This behavior is not only considered unprofessional but can take away your future bookings. Therefore, it is very important for you to stick to your original discussion and never make changes to it. You can also see popular motivational speakers such as Deepanshu Kher know how professional they are and they have earned this much reputation because of their behavior and mouth of words.

Closing Remarks

In addition to the mistakes listed above, you should also avoid going overtime. Always try to finish your speech within the given time. Stretching the speech will not only create boredom but make ruin your hard work too. So, always follow someone like Deepanshu Kher, a motivational speaker to know how they present their speeches and keep their audiences engaged and interested.