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December Global Holidays 2022 and Onwards

December Month

The month of December is all about holidays, snow, Christmas events, and happy times. At the same time, it is considered one of the best months to spend time with family and close friends. 

It is most probably the time of life when it is full of 

  • Optimism
  • Hope
  • Happiness
  • A lot of celebrations 
  • Delicious foods, and many more. 

There is no doubt that the December global holidays bring happiness to every sad face with many foods and global festivities. It is also a very popular month for tourism and traveling as more and more people book their trips during the cheerful times of this month to make it memorable lifelong. 

December, The Month of Happiness

December Global Holidays festivities

December is primarily associated with people’s happiness because of the feeling that everyone has during these times. In addition, people love to

  1. have friendly behavior
  2. more laughter in the air
  3. share exciting gifts all around the social circle
  4. gather families at events in December. 

Moreover, the exciting atmosphere of December automatically encourages people to feel good about themselves and others without effort. That is why December is always considered an excellent opportunity to live happily and stay calm by

  • soaking up some rays on the beach
  • spending time with family at home
  • enjoying trips with friends etc.

Top December Global Holidays 2022

As discussed, December always brings a twinkle to the eyes of many each year. From the start of the month, people eagerly start the count down to the days of Santa’s arrival. 

Moreover, some of the famous activities that are performed on weekdays and weekends of December mainly include 

  • playing trails of finding a PlayStation 5 
  • decorating for certain Christmas events (December’s most prominent holiday)
  • planning for local and foreign trips on traditions and holidays

Important Days Chart of December Global Holidays

Important days in December
  • 1st December: It is devoted to awareness of World AIDS day
  • 2nd December: It is dedicated as an international day to abolish slavery. Also, national pollution control day is celebrated on this day.
  • 3rd December: Disabled persons are sympathized on this particular day
  • 4th December: Indians celebrate their navy day on this day
  • 5th December: International volunteer day and world soil days are celebrated on this date
  • 6th December: St. Nicholas day is devoted on 6th December
  • 7th December: On this date, an international civil aviation day is celebrated. Also, armed forces flag day is celebrated on this date.
  • 8th December: Food festive, i.e., national brownie day, is celebrated on this date. 
  • 9th December: International anti-corruption day is celebrated on this day to make people aware of the curse of corruption and laundering 
  • 10th December: Human Rights Day is celebrated with complete devotion and faith in the services of the labor community 
  • 11th December: International Mountain Day for climbers is dedicated to this date and day
  • 12th December: National Amrit day is celebrated on it
  • 13th December: National music/violin day is celebrated on this date for music lovers
  • 14th December: Four national days are devoted to this renowned date. Those include:
  • National energy day
  • Conservation day
  • Monkey day
  • National Alabama day
  • 15th December: Again, it relates to food lovers, i.e., international tea day and national cupcake day are celebrated on it
  • 16th December: Victory Day against evils is devoted to this particular date
  • 17th December: It is commemorated as Wright Brothers Day
  • 18th December: Minority Rights Day, national twin and sweater day are celebrated by people with complete devotion on this date
  • 19th December: Goa liberation day is celebrated as an independent activity for them on this day
  • 20th December: On this day, the international day of human solidarity is celebrated 
  • 21st December: National men’s day is celebrated worldwide on this day
  • 22nd December: For mathematicians, national mathematics day is celebrated on this date
  • 23rd December: Farmer’s Day to spread awareness about agricultural support for an economy
  • 24th December: Christmas eve; preparations are at their peak on this date. Also, it is devoted to national consumer rights day.
  • 25th December: Christmas day is celebrated worldwide on this famous date. Also, Good governance day is celebrated in India on the same date.
  • 26th December: International Boxing Day is celebrated on this date by organizing certain events
  • 27th December: It is denoted as National fruitcake day 
  • 28th December: Short film industry day is celebrated on this date
  • 29th December: National hero day is celebrated on this date to raise the spirit of the young generation
  • 30th December: It is typically characterized as Bacon Day
  • 31st December: People are usually busy on this day and date for New Year’s Eve celebrations 

Event Wise Details of December Global Holidays

All the December global holidays events are summarized below with their date, category, and reason for the event. Let’s have a look at them one by one in detail: 

  1. World AIDS Day
December Global Holidays, AIDS Day
  • Marked on 1st December, each year on calendar 
  • Relates to health and fitness events in society 
  • It was marked to raise awareness of the scourge of AIDS/HIV
  • Celebrated worldwide as health issues are blind to specific countries or region

The idea of dedicating AIDS day was first ever conceived by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter in August 1987. They both worked as public information officers for the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global program on AIDS. From 1988 onwards, it was announced holiday’s official date. It was also for commemorating those infected or affected by this particular disease.

In addition to that, a few other ways and activities endorsed on this holiday are

  • Visiting destitute children’s orphan home
  • Sponsoring safe-sex campaigns
  • Lobbying governments to speed up efforts to curb the spread of HIV
  1. Krampusnacht
  • Celebrated on 6th December each year
  • Mostly European countries are involved in its celebration
  • Devoted to Krampus, who was a demonic creature who punishes naughty children
  • Although it is not a religious holiday; it is just a nationwide off day in Europe

One can experience different festival varieties on one of these December global holidays. Its origin is unclear, but it is clear that it has arisen as a way to scare children. People celebrate this event in a unique style, that is why it varies from town to town.

Moreover, families put plates on their tables and go to bed on this day. When they wake up the following day, they find presents on the plates. Good kids are usually presented with good gifts, while the bad ones get sticks for not gifting. Additionally, a group of young men goes door to door to scare children on this day. While at the same time, a few people enjoy parties, yummy snacks, drinks, and music with their family and friends. 

  1. Hannukah
  • Marked on 6th December, each year
  • It is of a religious nature event, celebrated in specified countries
  • Based on the re-dedication of the second temple in Jerusalem
  • Usually celebrated by Jewish and various Israel communities around the world

It is an 8-day Jewish festival also known as the festival of lights. It traditionally begins on the 25th of the month of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar. In the English calendar, it usually falls between 28th November and 6th December.

After the great Maccabean Revolt, it is celebrated on re-dedication of the second temple of Jerusalem. It includes lighting candles every night throughout its eight marked days 

Some other activities performed on these December global holidays include

  • Singing of memorable songs such as Ma’oz Tzur
  • Reciting of Hallel prayer
  • Eating oil-dried foods such as latkes (potato pancakes)
  • Serving jam-filled donuts, also known as sufganiyot
  • Playing with dreidels and exchanging gifts
  1. Bodhi day
  • Celebrated on 8th December and is considered one of the most famous December global holidays
  • A religious event linked with the Hindu community
  • Celebrated to commemorate the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama, who tasted freedom for the first time since Buddha Shakyamuni
  • Indian community is majority Buddhist, so faith communities around India usually celebrate it.
  • Its place of celebration is in Japan

Such December global holidays are celebrated as an alternative to the new year celebration. It truly honors the attainment of superior Buddha’s supreme insight into spiritual truth and his death.

In addition, it is a beautiful day of wisdom, known as Sambuddhatva Jayanthi, which means Sam buddha’s holy birthday or awakening. It is one of the most famous events in the history of humanity. On this day, the achievements of Siddharth Gautam are publicly described

  1. Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • Marked on 8th December each year as a European day
  • It is religious culture for citizens of the United States
  • Honored to celebrate the blessed virgin Mary’s conception without misdeed and sin allegations
  • Usually celebrated each year in Spain, Portugal, Philippines, Argentina, United States, Brazil, and many other catholic states

Among many popular December global holidays, this one-off event is a day to pay tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a Catholics believe that God gifted Mary to them as their mother, and they celebrate their birthday on the 8th of December each year.

According to their concepts, Mary was chosen as Jesus’s mother by God as she was pure and saintly without any sin. People with such beliefs go to church to pray on national holidays. There, those people

  • Make a special prayer called a “novena.” It is said almost nine times in a row. 
  • Ask her for help from their Holy God
  • Distribute gifts and clothes to the poor as a gesture of kindness 
  1. Human Rights Day
  • Celebrated worldwide on 10th December every year
  • It is one of the December global holidays that is celebrated as important global festivities
  • This celebration of this day officially started when United Nations General Assembly adopted the worldwide declaration of human rights in 1948.

Therefore, on this day, fundamental rights and freedoms are communicated to people regardless of race, religion, age, nationality, or gender. UN holds an event to honor the declaration adoption on Human Rights Day each year. In addition, the UN also discusses progress made in the struggle to protect human rights. To commemorate the adoption of human rights, in December global holidays, some of the human rights addressed by the UN are:

  • Right to live
  • Liberty
  • Freedom from slavery etc.
  1. Santa Lucia
Saint Lucia—Darkness Has Not Overcome The Light
  • Marked on 13th December, each year
  • It is one of the most celebrated December global holidays that primarily relates to a religious event
  • Devoted to paying tribute to Lucia of Syracuse
  • Celebrated each year as a national holiday in Scandinavia and Italy

Actually, Santa Lucia was an Italian saint who died as a martyr in a war with the enemy. Currently, in the darkest part of the year, she is seen as a ray of light. On the 13th of December each year, she is remembered as a symbol of hope and light.

People remember her services to the country by 

  • Organizing atmospheric concerts 
  • Hopeful processions 
  • Wearing headdresses featuring actual flickering candles
  • Featuring singers clad etc.
  1. International Human Solidarity Day
  • This holiday is celebrated on 20th December each year 
  • Worldwide community is affiliated with this holiday
  • This day highlights the importance of fundamental principles of the International Red Cross, which are humanity, impartiality, neutrality, and independence
  • It is one of the popular non-religious December global holidays that is internationally acceptable

Initially, got celebrated at the foundation of the International Red Cross in 1863. Its general and global understanding and moto is that 

“We are all one, and we all have responsibilities are rights towards each other.” 

According to this slogan, this famous day celebrates the idea of unity. It encourages every community to think about how they can promote equality and human solidarity in their own lives. Moreover, this particular day gives us a unique message that we are all connected to each other, and we should always do our best for society. 

  1. Yule
Yule Traditions: Pagan Winter Solstice Symbols and Ways to Celebrate –  Spells8
  • Marked on 21st December, it usually lasts till 1st January of the following year
  • Categorized under Pagan religion
  • Celebrated each year to pay tribute to the Norse god Odin
  • It is celebrated in Germany and various German communities around the world

This particular event is also called Yuletide, a festival marked by Germanic people. The roots of these December global holidays can be traced back to the Norse god Odin and the Anglo-Saxon festival of Modraniht. In addition, this event technically falls within the Winter Solstice, making it one of the most famous and oldest winter celebrations. During these holidays, people mostly love

  • Lighting massive logs in a bonfire
  • Spending long roaming nights outside the house
  • Planting new trees and flowers
  • Having a get-together with friends and family 
  • Exchanging nature-based gifts to each other
  1. Festivus
The Top 10 December Holiday Promotion Ideas for Restaurants - Buzztime
  • Among other parody categorized December global holidays, this famous event comes on 23rd December each year
  • An official holiday declared worldwide to advocate against Christmas consumerism
  • Particularly celebrated in the United States of America
  • Entered into popular culture for the very first time in the year 1997

Initially, it was celebrated based on a Seinfeld show titled “The Strike.” The objective of this parody off day was to speak out against Christmas consumerism. Later on, it started negating many Christmas ideas like

  • Purchasing expensive Christmas tree
  • Lightening trees 
  • Exchanging Christmas gifts and many more 

However, among frugal spenders and minimalism advocates, this holiday has continued to grow in popularity. This festival is marked by standing around a plain aluminum pole. Some of its other norms and traditions include “feats of strength” and “airing of grievances.”

  1. Christmas
  • One of the most famous and extraordinary December global holidays, which is dominant on all other holidays
  • It is celebrated on 25th December each year
  • A religious holiday associated with the Jesus Christ religion
  • Marked to commemorate the holy birth of Jesus Christ

The day of 25th December marks the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the last true prophet sent by God to save humanity from sin. However, this famous day is generally celebrated even by non-Christians.

It was picked simply due to its correspondence with the winter solstice in the Roman calendar. Moreover, Christmas’s December global holidays are celebrated in various countries as a cultural tradition as opposed to a religious event.

Some numerous ways to mark the occasion include:

  • Father Christmas distributes toys to children
  • Leaving gifts for Santa Claus
  • People attend Church ceremonies and make special prayers on this day
  • A few individuals may also opt-out to go an all-out vacation
  1. Boxing Day
  • International boxing day is marked on the 26th December of each year
  • Celebrated as a cultural holiday irrespective of religious category
  • Marked when for the first time, churches gifted alms boxes to the poor after Christmas
  • It is celebrated worldwide with complete devotion like other December global holidays. 

This day is usually celebrated as a day of giving gifts to postmen, servants, and errand boys who are not financially so strong as an appreciation for their service throughout the year. Boxing day remains of the most iconic December global holidays to be remembered.

It is a public holiday in various countries all around the globe, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Furthermore, on this day, many sporting events are organized at the government level and sports clubs to distribute happiness and smiles on the faces of poor people in society.

  1. St. Stephen’s Day
  • Celebrated each year on 26th December in more than 25 countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, and Denmark
  • Remembered to keep alive the memory and efforts of Saint Stephen’s journey as the first Christian martyr

December global holidays related to this ceremony became acknowledged when stones killed the great St. Stephen after preaching to his people for 40 days. He died holding firmly a stone gifted to him by Lord Jesus.

The Lord promised him that none of his followers would ever die from it. Some people also consider him the first Christian King of Hungary in Esztergom (Hungary). Many people celebrate this day by cooking traditional dishes such as buckwheat dumplings and serving Stephen’s favorite dish, stuffed cabbage, etc. 

  1. Kwanzaa
Kwanzaa Forgotten Holiday? | Happy kwanzaa, Kwanzaa principles, Kwanzaa  crafts
  • Celebrated between 26th December to 1st January of the following year
  • It is one of the most celebrated cultural December global holidays
  • It is celebrated each year to preserve certain African values and norms
  • Mostly, the United States of American citizens celebrate it.

This historical event was created by Dr. Maulana Karenga, who initiated its celebration for the first time in 1966 following the Watts riots in Los Angeles, California. “Kwanzaa” is a “Swahili” word that means “first.” Currently, people celebrate this event often with traditional African songs and dance moves. African culture is promoted on this day by citizens to make aware about

  • Equality 
  • Rights to live
  • Fairness

Moreover, a large meal is offered on 31st December at the end of these seven long days as a mega feat called ‘Karamu.’ 

  1. New Year’s Eve
  • One of the most celebrated December global holidays is New Year’s Eve on the 31st of each year.
  • Marked to end the present year and warmly welcome the following year
  • This is among some of the national holidays celebrated worldwide irrespective of religion, culture, etc.

This holiday falls on the very last day of December, i.e., the very last day of the year also. It is an active event in which all young and older people participate. Numerous fireworks and meals are organized on this day.

Furthermore, some of the most common activities performed on this day include 

  • Visiting places of worship 
  • Thanking God for the previous year and asking for blessings for the upcoming year
  • Enjoying meals with families and friends in restaurants
  • Gathering society on someplace for a big TV screen movie
  • Playing songs and fireworks in the air

More December Global Holidays

Some of the other holidays celebrated each year in December according to their worldly celebration places include the following:

  • 1st December – United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi (National Day)
  • 4th December – Ghana (Farmer’s Day)
  • 6th December – Finland (Independence Day), Spain (Constitution Day)
  • 7th December – Thailand (King Bhumibol’s Birthday)
  • 10th December – Thailand (Constitution Day)
  • 12th December – Mexico (The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe)
  • 13th December – Malta (Republic Day)
  • 16th December – Bangladesh (Victory Day), South Africa (Day of Reconciliation)
  • 18th December – Qatar (National Day)
  • 26th December – Various Countries (Boxing Day), Slovenia (Independence and Unity Day)
  • December 29 – Sri Lanka (Unduvap Full Moon Poya)
  • 30th December – Philippines (Rizal Day)

December Global Holidays Collection

What are the National Days of December? - Get the Calendar to Find Out!

December is a jam pack month in which people get a lot of opportunities to get off from their offices, markets, and workplaces. It is also a perfect season to appreciate those who want to end their winter season on a high note. A few celebrate these holidays by serving the poor, while some amuse others with befitting gifts. Therefore, one can enjoy all these December global holidays by saving money throughout the year. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: In total, how many holidays are in December?

From start to end, December is usually full of numerous holidays. In general, there are around 15th December global holidays each year. Moreover, as per Google, there are about 14 international and 17 national/cultural/regional holidays in December. 

Q: Which are three king days to be celebrated in December?

Three king days of December are celebrated after 12 days of Christmas eve, which is set to be celebrated each year on 25th December.

Q: Why are December global holidays celebrated?

They are celebrated each other with full momentum to bring happiness and smiles to people who remain stressed out from their life problems throughout the year. Moreover, these December global holidays bring far off people close to their friends and family to have some best moments of life. Furthermore, people also exchange gifts and other best wishes with their close ones to make them feel special as never before.  Read More on December Global Holidays on here.



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