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Daniel Klibanoff – Meet an Inspirational Marketing Leader and Compassionate Philanthropist

Some successful people never become arrogant and selfish in life. They work hard to earn the success they deserve but never allow ego to control their lives. On the contrary, they believe in serving society and giving back to the community. These people are widely respected and inspirational role models for society.

Daniel Klibanoff – An inspirational role model in direct marketing and philanthropy

One such individual who is both a marketing leader and a devoted philanthropist is serial entrepreneur Daniel Klibanoff from Asheville in North Carolina. He began his first data company in 1982, and it grew to become a prominent name in the industry. He is widely respected by his peers in the direct marketing industry, and all his companies today have an annual turnover of millions. His business clients include eminent companies like AARP and Citibank. BlueCross Blue Shield and other notable companies across the USA.

The power of solid work ethics

He attributes his success to solid work ethics and a healthy lifestyle. For the past 38 years, he has been the owner of many large data organizations and is a perfectionist in everything he does. According to him, success lies in building strong relationships at the workplace with the balance of spending quality time with your family. He believes in the fair treatment of people with integrity. For him, opportunities rarely come your way, so you should grab them with care and urgency to succeed in life.

Rich knowledge and experience

He has a rich knowledge of applying marketing principles across channels that generate the highest ROI for business clients and audience building. He has worked on the front line earlier and dealt with business clients from various sectors. With his skills and experience, he has acquired new customers and generated huge revenue.

Today, he is one of the best specialists available with the invaluable experience of audience building for delivering results to advertisers who are not doing well in the market. Currently, he is the CEO and President of Multimedia Lists, Inc., a multi-channel audience and data solutions provider to advertisers across the globe.

He is an active philanthropist and supports many charitable causes close to his heart with his wife, Cathleen. They began Angels Among Us- a non-profit venture to give financial aid to children who were actively volunteering in civic duties in the community but did not have the funds for their college education. Daniel Klibanoff is giving this financial aid to deserving students as he believes they are the future of the country and deserve to be educated well.

He believes that children should be more actively engaged in civic responsibilities as this will reduce the cycle of addiction, poverty, and substance abuse. Besides the above, he is the recipient of several awards, including those from the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the American Heart Association, for surpassing the goals for fundraising and his exemplary leadership. He also serves on the Board of directors for several non-profit organizations in the region!

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