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D Link Extender Setup Using Manual Method

In recent times, too much dependency on WiFi networks has been seen. Hence, the need for strong and faster internet connectivity throughout the house seems like a necessity. Where just the modem fails to deliver you, installing an extender can help you the best. In that case, you should get a D Link extender and perform a D Link extender setup.

Don’t have any idea about how to install an extender? Don’t worry! Check out the following points to know what you should do. Keep reading.

Steps to Perform D Link Extender Setup

Get Extender Ready

The first step should be getting the D Link extender ready. Take it out of the box and assemble it. Attach the antennas to the extender if there are any. Furthermore, you should also get the Ethernet cable out of the box. This will come in handy in the setup process.

Extender-Router Connection

The extender needs to get access to the internet. That is where you should establish a strong connection between the extender and the router. For a wired connection between the two, you should use the Ethernet cable. However, for a wireless connection, just bring both the devices closer to each other before connecting them.

Place the Extender

Placing the extender is an important step in the D Link extender setup process. So, the first step is to choose the central location in your house. After that, you should get rid of objects like mirrors, fish tanks, metal objects, or electrical appliances. All this is done to ensure the WiFi signals are not interrupted during the Dlink WiFi extender setup process.

Turn on PC

Get to your PC or laptop and turn it on. Make sure the power supply cable is strongly attached to the power socket. Moreover, look for any cuts on the wire. In case it seems completely worn out, you should replace the cable. Just make sure your computer doesn’t turn off during the setup process.

Open a web Browser

Once the system is working perfectly, open a web browser on your computer. It should be compatible with your operating system. If you don’t have a web browser, download the latest version from the official online store. Once that is done, enter http//dlinkap.local in the web browser. Make sure there are no mistakes.

Access Extender Login Page

An extender login page appears before your eyes. That is where you need to enter your login details. Hence, keep your default login credentials by your side. To know your default login information, refer to the extender user manual.

Follow On-Screen Directions

After logging into the D Link extender, you should follow the on-screen instructions. If needed, you can alter the settings as per your requirement. However, if not needed, you should save the changes. That will complete the extender setup process.


To ensure your D Link extender receives powerful WiFi signals, you should also set up a router. To do that, you can follow similar guidelines. However, instead of an extender web address, you should use dlinkrouter.local to do the router setup.

With the extender and router working in sync, your house will be enveloped in strong WiFi signals. Hence, you can access the internet from any corner of your house after everything is set.

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