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Critically Acclaimed Michigan-Made Film to Debut Exclusively at Emagine Novi

“Tommy Battles The Silver Sea Dragon” which debuted on Friday, February 15, 2019, at the Emagine Novi theater was one of the final Michigan projects to be produced with the state’s film tax rebate. A lot of local actors, actresses, and filmmakers from all over the state were employed for this film’s shooting to produce the best content for the audience.

What can you find in the movie?

“Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon” is a combination of strength and imagination that can be described as a musical feature. This movie is an inspiration from Damien Chazelle’s, “LA LA LAND” in terms of strength and imagination, with the certain details of The Who’s, Rock Musical Fantasy Drama, “Tommy”.

What is the movie synopsis?

A summary of this movie will help you get a better idea of the movie and if it’s worth watching. In this movie, Tommy finds himself in a courtroom tormented by his demons. As he wrestles with excessive guilt, he is charged with three unspeakable crimes, we follow Tommy through the mystery of his memory and fantasy in a musical journey to discover the true nature of his remorse. Due to Tommy’s maternal loss, Tommy faces self-delusion causing his girlfriend Carolyn to suffer the most, whose experience as a partner is overshadowed by the effects of Tommy’s maternal loss. You’ll see a blurred image of dream and reality as the characters from the courtroom drag him back to the courtroom, and is in a miserable state with feelings of self-hatred and guilt eating him up.

“Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon” has been able to bag the following awards:

  1. CINEQUEST Film & VR Festival  which took place in 2018 resulted in the world Premiere of “Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon”
  2. Brooklyn Film Festival which premiered in Newyork City bagged the winner award for best producer.
  3. This movie bagged the winner award of Best Feature and Best Performer at the Toronto International Spring of Horror & Fantasy in 2018.
  4. It was officially selected for Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2018.
  5. This movie bagged the winner award of Best of the Fest and Best Fantasy Feature at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in 2018.
  6. It was officially selected for Catalina Film Festival in 2018.

What does Luke Shirock (writer and director) have to say about it?

Writer and director, Luke Shirock has hosted a question and answer session after two showings in 2019 on Friday, Feb 15th at 6:45, and on Saturday, February 16th at 6:45. He thought it was needed for the film’s premiere.

“Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon” was played at Emagine Novi from Friday, February 15th, Saturday, February 16th,  Sunday, February 17th, Monday, February 18th, to Thursday, February 21st in 2019.

Location of Emagine Novi: 44425 West Twelve Mile Road, Novi, MI 48377

Why should you consider watching this movie at Emagine Movie?

Theatre has the following key features:

  • The new generation of entertainment, RealD 3D, with crisp, bright, ultra-realistic images makes you feel like you are a part of the movie. RealD 3D adds depth to each action so that you won’t just watch a movie but experience a new dimension of entertainment.
  • You can sit with your favorite person on Emagine Novi’s unique cuddle chairs that are built for two to enjoy the beautiful experience of watching your favorite movie.
  • Dolby Atmos has the potential to pinpoint objects of sound anywhere in the room. This way you will feel as if you are experiencing the action as it will keep you engrossed.
  • Through EMAX screens you can enjoy the following features: Dolby Atmos® sound, state-of-the-art 4K projectors, elegant power-reclining seats, and the biggest blockbuster titles on a wall-to-wall screen.
  • Huge screens to keep you immersed in each movie.
  • A luxurious party room.
  • Displayed captions in English.
  • You can reserve your seats as per your choice.
  • A sensory-friendly presentation of films with brighter house lights, interactive audience, and lower volume.
  • Through stadium seating, you can have the most satisfying movie-watching experience.
  • A Super Emax screen with 4K laser projection, 64 channel Dolby Atmos® immersive sound, and over 300 luxurious, power-reclining seats. 
  • A theatre bar containing various drinks just for guests to make a movie experience worthwhile.

Is “Tommy Battles The Silver Sea Dragon” worth watching at Emagine Novi?

Emagine Novi’s splendid experience is a combination of reclining chairs, gourmet snacks, reserved seating, in-seat service, and other upscale amenities such as valet parking. This way you can enjoy the movie while simultaneously munching on the snacks, or drinking your favorite drink in a welcoming safe environment for families. 

Emagine Entertainment takes immense pride in its outstanding leadership team dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of customer service while paying particular attention to cleanliness in its theatres, they also provide Limousine Rent service for the people to enjoy touring in the city. Therefore, Emagine Novi has provided its guests with the best movie-going experience while maintaining a high standard of quality to satisfy its guests.

Thus, Emagine Novi located in Michigan should be your go-to place to watch your favorite movie.

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