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Create a Striking Logo Online for Free with DesignEvo

If you need tools to create logos for businesses, websites, and other purposes, then we recommend the free online service Designevo.

Why DesignEvo?

This resource allows you to create a logo from scratch and with the possibility of choosing one of 10,000 templates. That is, in DesignEvo, it is available as a ready-made module, which you can modify according to your own needs, as well as a collection of elements from which a single logo can be created.

If you want to view and edit future projects, we recommend following the registration procedure. You can free download the finished work in resolutions up to 300 x 300 pixels. At the same time, the background transparency is inaccessible. But for most users, this will suffice.

Another advantage of this tool is its interface, which is very lovely. Without delay, it loads through the pages, which other similar services can’t boast of. More importantly, instead of downloading and installing software on your computer, with DesignEvo, you can work online.

How to customize your logo with DesignEvo

DesignEvo allows users to select a category and take design ideas to choose the logo they like the most. Optionally, you can search for keywords and get more niche-oriented results instead of wasting time browsing dozens of different topics.

Visit the template page, search for a keyword and select the result that you find interesting. And then, select an industry category, company name, and slogan. Next, you can change the font style, size, spacing, and logo elements, according to your preference. You can add more icons to your logo. Finally, you can save the logo to your computer by clicking the Download button in the right corner of the screen and selecting Download low-resolution free logo.

Preview your logo  

A preview of the created logo is also shown. Also, you may need to create an account to download the logo for free if you have no account. You can register using a Google or Facebook account, and your logo will be exported immediately after registering.


Sounds like a cost-effective tool? You don’t require investing a lot of time or money when you hire a professional logo design expert, at least at first. Featuring a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, the DesignEvo logo maker allows users to create personalized logos with colors, text, shapes, and backgrounds that give a distinctive identity to any type of company.

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