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Cost-cutting and Mony Saving Suggestions for Students - Mazing US
Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Cost-cutting and Mony Saving Suggestions for Students

We know how challenging maintaining a student budget can be, especially when you already have a lot on your plate. However, the following suggestions will greatly ease your life if the going gets rough.

Steer Clear of Takeout and Prepared Foods!

Choosing this is tempting when you’re weary or lazy, but the prices are far higher than if you created a meal from scratch. However, if you’re having trouble resisting the want for fast food, keep an eye out for student discounts, which may be used at some of your favorite restaurants to acquire meals for as little as £2–$3.

Avoid Purchasing Drinks in the Club

For what you get, drink costs might be absurdly exorbitant. Instead, load up on pre-drinks at the neighborhood grocery store! Keep an eye out for the drinks supermarkets always have available all year round!

Purchase an NUS Card

You can utilize every nationwide student deal by purchasing an NUS Extra card for £12 a year. Theme parks, eateries, vacations, shopping, and many more offer discounts! You may also purchase a Gourmet Society add-on for further restaurant discounts and an ISIC add-on for £2.99, which gives you access to discounts globally.

Register for UNiDAYS

A website offering student discounts is called UNiDAYS. You can use it in-store or online to save money, mostly at clothing retailers. In addition, it offers you discounts at some of the most well-liked student eateries, stationery shops, HP, and nutrition stores. I advise free My UNiDAYS app download so you can use in-store discounts and check for savings while on the road.

Steer Clear of Weekend Clubbing

Students typically pay more to enter on Saturday nights than they would on a typical weeknight. On student nights, admittance is only half price, and beverages are occasionally even less expensive.

Prepare Meals With Your Roommates

You could all afford a lot better supper than the one you would buy for yourselves if everyone contributed £2. Additionally, you get an opportunity to get to know your housemates better and impress them with your culinary abilities (or lack of).

Keep an Eye Out for Openings for Student Jobs at Your University or Online

Many institutions offer paid opportunities to serve as ambassadors, guiding prospective students around during open houses. Look for positions in the institution, the student union, or the online portal for student job in Austria. If you want something more long-term because they may pay more than other part-time jobs, offer various options, and have flexible hours to work around your studies.

Participate in the Student Lock-ins

Visit your neighborhood shopping center’s student lock-in in the evening to take advantage of discounts on various items, live music, and tons of freebies! These events are often held at the end of September and feature DJs, gift bags, and unique discounts reserved for students. If you’re fortunate, you could even get to visit the former celebrity.

Trade in Your Outdated Books

Why not? Someone will always need the textbook you have at a lower price. Use your old books to your advantage and get some additional cash.

If you have to buy new books, always explore E-books first. If you are not finding them from the online resource platform of your institution, you should turn to Pirate Bay and download the E-books from there.

Don’t Let Brand Names Deceive You

Heinz baked beans may appear more appetizing than an own-brand tin, but they taste just as good and cost far less. Just feel how good it feels to have the extra money in your pocket!

With these money-saving suggestions, you have one less responsibility to juggle while a student. Use them, and enjoy the additional money you’ve saved!

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