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Corporate Housing: 10 Interior Design Trends - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Corporate Housing: 10 Interior Design Trends

How a place makes you feel is crucial. That’s why, when choosing corporate housing, it’s important to consider interior design trends such as color, furniture, and technology. 

Interior designs will make your employees’ experience a productive and enjoyable space. 

Corporate housing designs play multiple roles. Apart from being a home away from home, it offers the right environment for professionals who need to work from home. 

It can also be a children’s classroom for people moving in with their families. It offers a great place to work and relax with your family. 

Statistics show a 7.2% increase in corporate housing units occupied. That means more people prefer corporate housing. 

Reasons for the increase include the look and feel of corporate houses. So, when choosing corporate rental apartments, consider interior design trends. 

Here are 10 interior design trends for corporate housing.

  1. Colored Concrete

Colored concrete brings surfaces to life and brings out personality. The visible color makes the concrete perfect for your bathroom. It gives the bathroom a spa-like feeling where friends can join. 

More people are looking for spa-like bathrooms in their corporate rental apartments. Such bathrooms offer a relaxing place to unwind after a hectic day at work.

Colored concrete is also perfect for kitchen areas, extension exteriors and floors. The color makes it difficult to see marks or chips on the concrete.

  1. Textural Elements

Textural elements in a corporate apartment for rent bring a sense of warmth to a room. They add dimension and depth. For example, wood, linen and stone are inviting and make you feel at home. 

Without texture, the room feels flat. This makes it important to find corporate housing in Boston with well-designed texture elements. For example, travelers may prefer an airy one or two bedrooms that offer comfort and style. They need to secure these deals through smooth processes from corporate housing companies. 

Smooth processes help travelers and professionals to balance work, family and their new location.

  1. Corporate Rental Apartment Colors

The role of color in a corporate apartment is vital. It helps to invoke different moods. That means color helps you turn to work mode and become more productive, or it can help you become relaxed after work. 

For example, colors like blue or red can make your brain more active. They are best for areas like kitchen and office spaces. Other colors like green help you relax and are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, or recreational areas. 

  1. Decorate with Plants

Image by pixabay.com  

Plants are a great way to decorate a living room or any room in an apartment. They show a clean and healthy space. 

Some plants might not need much water and can go for days without water. For example, snakes or ZZ plants. These are best for professionals who stay outside most of the time. You can also choose silk plants that do not need water or much attention.

  1. A Clean and Minimalistic Office

A clean and minimalistic office space allows professionals to work from home if needed. Corporate houses have a dedicated office space where tenants can make video calls and use their laptops and wifi. 

An office space should provide more options for professionals. For example, the work area can have a desk and a large table to spread project documents. The seating area should also accommodate more people who need to collaborate on a work project.

  1. Smart Storage

Utilize your corporate house space well. For example, collapsible furniture, shelving or peg boards help you stay organized and create space. 

Putting items away reduces clutter and produces an aesthetically appealing environment. 

Storage furniture can also be flexible and fashionable, like a footrest that doubles as a storage cabinet. An interlocking table can also help create more space.

  1. Modern Wallpaper

A corporate apartment for leasing can have modern wallpaper instead of paint. Wallpapers are made of new materials, patterns and different color options. 

The different designs allow you to express yourself more and make your space stand out. They can completely transform any space with sensational designs. 

Trending wallpapers are striking, bold, and beautiful. They include designs like textural neutrals, florals, earth tones, and prints. They include designs like textural neutrals, florals, earth tones, prints and you can even have your own design by opting for custom wallpaper.

  1. Curvy Furniture Style

Image by pixabay.com  

Furniture with soft edges is trending and fashionable. They help to complement your spaces like the dining or living room and provide a warm feel in any room. 

Some of the rounded furniture in your rental apartment can be soft-edged tables and C-shaped chairs. They add lightness to a room. 

Curved and arched furniture is trending because they feel good and signal safety to the mind of people. A living room or bedroom with curved furniture and soothing colors will help you switch to a relaxed mode. The design can also be a curved arrangement of chairs that makes you comfortable and relaxed.

  1. Mirrors Decor

Mirrors make small apartment areas look big. Also, hanging mirrors in the dining area or bathrooms make spaces look brighter and larger.

It gives your apartment a modern look and feel. Tall mirrors illuminate dark parts of the apartment. They make the ceiling look higher. Mirrors provide you with functionality and style.

  1. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall adds depth to an apartment, making it look interesting. Hanging your photos, paintings, or puzzles on a plain wall makes your apartment feel like home. 

The artwork and painting are good reminders of specific events or a special person. It is also a great way of keeping things out of the way while putting them on display in a way that fills space with character and color.

Key Takeaway

The interior design of corporate homes is critical to making you feel at home in a new city. The best corporate apartment leasing provides travelers a home they can work, relax and enjoy themselves. 

From the living room to the bedroom and office, professionals and travelers can switch from work to relaxed mode. The colors, furniture arrangement and lighting create a home for you and your family. 

Modern design trends also provide an office environment and technology that boosts productivity. You and your colleagues can enjoy it. Also, you can prefer juliet balcony that makes your exterior more attractive.



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