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Copper scrap

the average car built in the United States contains approximately 40 pounds of copper in electrical components and an additional 10 pounds found in non-electrical components.

brass/bronze scrap

Brass can be found in parts of your motor vehicle, including the radiator core, tubes, and tanks.

Lead scrap

There are a number of automotive components that use lead, including solder in electronics, lead car batteries, and lead wheel weights.

When an auto salvage company buys your vehicle, they are paying you for the value of the scrap metal that they can remove from the vehicle. This includes steel, copper, aluminum and other components.

Scrap prices vary based on demand, and this varies from day to day, even between scrapyards in the same area. The scrap register indicated Skrotpriser a few cents higher as of June 30, 2020.,

Other valuable components

In addition to the junk in your vehicle, there are other items that also have value when you sell the car for scrap:

  • Wheels, tires and rims
  • GPS system
  • doors
  • bumper
  • airbags
  • air conditioning
  • Radio
  • catalyst
  • motor oil and oil filters
  • tailgate
  • wiper arms
  • battery


how to increase the scrap value of scrap car prices

Sometimes a little time can turn an eyesore into a treasure., Even when it comes to junk cars, one that’s been spiffed up will fetch a better price. ,your car:

  • touch up minor scratches and dents to help increase your scrap price
  • rub the wheels to make them shine and look attractive, adding curb appeal to the car
  • vacuum the interior to remove excess dust, dirt, and sand for a fresh, clean look
  • Clean interior surfaces like the dashboard, interior doors and windows to make them shine
  • spray the interior with a fabric refresher for a fresh smelling vehicle

If your vehicle is fairly new but has been in an accident, it may still have value when you sell it to an auto junkyard. There is a chance that the vehicle can be repaired, and even if it can’t, it will still have mechanical parts that keep the value. To find out more about car salvage, visit 1800 Salvage

Remove personal items

we spend a lot of time in our cars and they become a place of accumulation of personal belongings. Be sure to remove all personal belongings, including unwanted items, before selling the vehicle.

check all the places where things can be hidden, such as the glove box, center console storage, above the sun visors and under the seats., Remove all items that contain personal identification, such as insurance and registration cards.

If you don’t thoroughly clean your vehicle, you risk leaving something of value or importance inside. Items left behind may reduce the price you receive.

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