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Connect with the Best Interior Designer Company in Delhi NCR

Wagma Designs are creative and the best Interior Designer Company in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon. They are the top Interior Designers working and executing to give a flawless, luxurious interior for your homes, offices, and commercial spaces in India and around the world. 

Wagma Designs Helps to Connect Real People with Real Designers

We’ve been offering professional Interior Design services in Delhi NCR for over 20 years and love helping individuals love where they live. Wagma Designs was established for customers that wished to take advantage of our design experience, resources, trade pricing, and avoid hourly costs and markups. With Wagma Designs, an Interior Design company in Delhi NCR, you can “Stop Guessing!” and buy and install solutions that work for you, on your own schedule and budget.

Our Architects and Designers

Throughout the process, you’ll collaborate with an Interior Designer. You and your designer can communicate with one another at any time using our online Interior Design platform.

All our Interior Designers have experience with a variety of budgets and rooms. Looking through a few designer portfolios to see if anyone strikes your attention is a good place to start. Alternatively, based on the information you’ve supplied, our team can match you with a designer.

On our platform, we have several professional Interior Designers who work in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional, eclectic to global, mid-century to minimalist. Our Commercial Interior Designers in Delhi are the most talented members of our team, and they are an excellent choice for your first Interior Design work. Our expert Interior Designers have at least 5 years of expertise and their work has been featured in major Interior Design publications. Our celebrity Interior Designers are some of the industry’s most well-known names, with distinct signature styles.

Shop with Confidence.

Visualizing exactly how your new room will look is one of the most difficult aspects of interior design. Before you start shopping, Wagma Designs Interior Designer in Gurgaon provides you with an optional photo-realistic 3D simulation of your new room – it’s like your own “after” photograph.

Your online Interior Design project will contain two different initial design concepts, a final design, a full floor plan, and a personalized online shopping list of furniture and decor for you to choose from.

Wagma Designs Delivers Best Custom Design Expertise.


Tell us a little about yourself and your space and we will create a space of your dream. Tell our designers some info about yourself, your rooms, and your design objectives and budget. Use our Style Page to help you establish the mood you want to achieve in your house. Share images or videos of your space with our team. Please also add photos of existing furniture, inspiration images, your family, or your goldfish, or anything else that would help us get to know you better.

If you have a floor plan with measurements, that’s fantastic! If not, we’ll generate a design of your floor plan using the photographs you’ve given and explain the particular spots where we need you to measure (don’t worry!).


Wagma Designs connects you with a professional Interior Designer. We’ve combined the best of traditional full-service with the latest in e-design. We’re able to eliminate some of the costliest and time-consuming components of full-service design by using our technology and processes to accomplish all of the non-design activities, allowing the Designer to focus solely on designing your space.


We believe that designers should only focus on design. Wagma Designs’ secret sauce, the reason we can provide expert designers to work with you for a fixed charge, is that…we handle information, communication, and presentation, while you purchase and install independently. Designers are free to focus solely on design because you are paying for their skills with the best Interior Design service in Delhi NCR.


All of our best suggestions are sent directly to you. It takes us about 2-3 weeks to send everything to your home once we’ve collected all of your information. More than just a single consultation, you’ll receive the whole suite of Designers’ recommendations to keep, use in your house, compared to your existing furnishings, and shop with – a powerful design toolset made specifically for you.


Client-centered: By translating demands into action, we arrive at inventive and long-lasting solutions.

Our workforce: Wagma Designs pledges to hire, develop, and work with the finest, and to treat everyone with respect.

Sustainable: As responsible stewards of people, resources, and communities, we develop cutting-edge wellness and environmental practices.

Multifaceted: Wagma Designs bring the best ideas and solutions to the table, produced by individuals from various backgrounds and viewpoints.

Integrity: All of our interactions are guided by our ethical business standards. Our reputation is built on doing the right thing.

Passionate: We are passionate about what we do, and we bring that passion, drive, and dedication to work every day.

Dedicated: We are dedicated, dependable, and trustworthy in whatever we do.

Invested: We’re a hands-on company since we’re employee-owned. We go to any length to achieve the desired outcome.

We are a team of the best Interior Designers that can bring top-notch home interior designing solutions for you.

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