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Conjugating PHP To Hire Best Web Developers in Real-Time

To scale your Development Team, strengthen your in-house web developers by hiring best PHP Developers with these helpful tips, dive straight in!

How well do you know your web development market? Are you aware of the most promising prospects in PHP Web Development? Where does PHP stand amongst a gamut of server-side programming languages? How has the popularity of PHP been visible across server-side programming languages? Which tools should PHP developers use, and what specific skills should they possess? If you have similar questions, then dig into this space for insight.

What does PHP offer?

PHP can be used to build simple websites as well as complex e-commerce systems which makes PHP multi-purpose. And a PHP developer is someone who weaves a simple website, or a Content Management System with the help of MYSQL, JSON, AJAX, XML, HTML, or frameworks like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and PHP IDEs, like PHPStorm, ZendStudio, NuSphere PhpED, Netbeans, Cloud 9, Aptana Studio, CodeLobster, Sublime Text, PHPDebugbar, and Eclipse.

Popular PHP Applications (all times)

PHP has empowered applications like Facebook, MailChimp, Tumblr, Wikipedia, Slack, Etsy, WordPress,,,,,,,,,

Prerequisites for PHP Developers

Web developers need to be aware of the following languages (PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, HTML, HTML5, XML, CSS, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Ajax) and platforms (Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X,  Web, Mac, iPad, Solaris, Plugin for Eclipse) to start off with PHP Web Development.

Specific PHP Skills That Web Developers Must Consider

A PHP file comes with a .php extension and contains PHP tags. Although it is leveraged for server-side scripting, it can still be used to write desktop and cross-platform applications by making use of PHP-GTK extension. Moreover, command-line scripting enables you to run a PHP script without a server or web browser. PHP Developers require PHP parser. It is meant typically for PHP scripts and is executed on Linux (cron) or Windows (task scheduler).
Also, a PHP developer should know about Ajax, jQuery, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, and HTML with knowledge of APIs, UNIX, Linux, and MVC Architecture.

Skilled php specialists always have a chance to find the best project for themselves and work remotely.  If you a specialist middle+ level you can easily find yourself in startups. Tier owners hire dedicated php programmers directly and also with the services of companies ‘perfect matchers’. One of the trustable platforms has shown itself in this field –

Which web development tools should a PHP Developer know?

Web development tools enable testing, code debugging and integration of a number of technologies handled by web browsers. These come in form of add-ons or in form of built-in features inside web browsers. Web developers should continually enhance their skill-set with better and more versatile web development tools. The most popular PHP Development Tools in 2022 are TypeScript, CodeKit, WebStorm, Creative Tim, and Angular JS.

What is the scope of PHP in 2022 and beyond?

U.S. Board of Labor Statistics has predicted a 15% boost in web development positions by the end of 2026. DAXX predicts the overall PHP Developers globally to go beyond 27,700,000 by the end of 2023. PHP is being used by almost 80% of overall websites and has a large community of web developers.

Conclusive: What should you ask a prospective PHP Developer?

Specific: While hiring a value-based full-stack PHP Developer you need to be specific as PHP has optimal use cases like content apps, social platforms, and chatbots.

Salary Expectation: Also, the salary offered to a candidate is a package that includes  – knowledge exchange, collaborative environments, professional growth opportunities, flexible schedules, no micromanagement, and adequate corporate culture.

Cultural Diversity: Ensure that there is a cultural match between prospect and company culture. There should be a balance between cultural diversity and cultural match with the PHP developer’s understanding project and future users’ values. 

Consider a ready-made team: Hiring PHP specialists can be challenging if you don’t have enough engineering background to evaluate a candidate’s skills, and competencies and match them with your project. Also, the process of hiring a PHP Developer can be expensive. Discern if you wish to hire PHP Developers, or wish to outsource PHP Developers.

Third-party developers: Consider your PHP Development Team with the help of third-party developers Subscribe to GitHub repository for latest and best resources.

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