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Complete Guide About Hard Reset of Alcatel 4G WiFi Router

Alcatel One Touch Wifi Router is a device designed to provide wireless internet access to multiple devices in the home or business. In addition, this router itself is the access point or signal generator, in short, it bridges the connection from your broadband service to the internet for all devices connected to it. Besides, it also provides security to you and your family against hackers and intruders. Alcatel 4G WiFi router is one of the best wifi routers. Additionally, it is specially designed by Alcatel for home & Small office use. Nowadays People are very busy in their life. Now the people can’t have more time in their homes. So they use a wifi router.

The Alcatel 4G one touch Router is a portable 4G WiFi router. It allows you to have a portable hotspot wherever you are, providing the fastest WiFi connections. The best part is that it comes with a battery life of 6 hours, which is long enough to last you through your travels. However, the dual-band technology is also built-in which proffers high-speed connectivity. This includes the admin password and WPA/WPA2 password. 

Why do we need to Hard Reset the Alcatel 4G WiFi Router?

If you forget your password and have troubles with your Alcatel router, you must reset it. Resetting the router restores all settings to their factory defaults. There are several situations that must be followed in order to reset the router. How to Reset an Alcatel Router is an easy process.

Have you ever stumbled upon the problem that your Alcatel one touch WiFi Router is not working well? Maybe your router can’t connect to the internet. Or you are unable to configure it. Or you don’t know how to reset it. Perhaps it’s running very slowly. All of those problems are possible if you don’t know how to Hard Reset the Alcatel WiFi Router. So, let’s have a look at what we have today.

Guide about Reset Alcatel 4G Router With Button

Before resetting the router, it is critical to understand the distinction between Reset and Reboot; they are not the same thing. Rebooting anything is a frequent activity that you might perform on a variety of devices if they are not performing as expected.

Resetting everything is referred to as a master reset, factory reset, restoration, or hard reset. When you reset the gadget, it will be restored as if it were new. Resetting the router means returning it to its factory default settings.

To do a reset, first, make sure your Alcatel router is turned on and hooked into a power source. On the back of your router, look for the round “reset” port. Just, hold the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds with the straight-out Paper Clip. When the WLAN light on the front of the router blinks, your router has been reset and restored to factory default settings.

Reset to default settings

All of your custom settings will be lost if you reset your network or modem. Before doing a factory reset, make a backup of your settings. These options can be found in your manual or online. Simply search the internet for the handbook for your router or modem model.

Enter your Alcatel router’s IP address into the search area of any web browser. Here’s how to get the IP address of your router.

When asked, enter your username and password. If you did not alter them, the default username and password may be found on the back or bottom of the router. Navigate to the System or System Tools menu. This will vary based on the type of router you have. Look for the words Restore or Factory Default. Click Restore or Reset, then OK. After that, you can do alcatel one touch wifi router setup

Reset the Wireless router from the control panel 

Launch your web browser and enter into the address box. Enter your password. In the Login ID box, type admin. Enter nothing into the password field. You will have access to your router’s admin settings screen once the router has input the default login credentials.

To begin, navigate to the Maintenance or Tools menu. Now, on the left side of the router screen, select “Save and Restore settings” or “System.” Then, select “Restore Device” or “Restore Factory Defaults.” Wait for a moment, and you’re done with the factory reset.

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