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Compelling Reasons To Add Online Calculator To A Business Webpage

Sooner or later every website owner has to handle order collection from their website and even other sources. Besides, visitors often request an estimate. There are plenty of websites that offer online calculators for a variety of purposes. It includes –

  • Loan
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Cooking
  • Medical
  • And more

Using an online calculator is a time-proven marketing practice that businesses can use to simplify customers’ convincing and enhance user experience. Using traditional pricing methods including spreadsheets and long price lists is extremely inconvenient, especially in this advanced technology era where you can use specially designed online calculator tools.  

Calc2web Solutions can help customers belonging to a variety of niches including furniture manufacturing, electronic repair, household appliance retailers, window installers, event planners, taxi drivers, cargo carriage, etc. to develop web calculator tools. An online calculator can play a vital role in the online orders and payments process and simplify sales work.

Compelling reasons to add an online calculator to a business website

Reduce non-target queries

The number of non-target queries will be reduced and receive orders from your target audience. People really interested in buying will use a calculator to get an estimation of the total price. Both the business owner and customers will not need to spend time communicating on the phone about the product’s final rate. 

A well-designed online calculator will grab customers’ attention. They gain accurate and updated details about goods & services, prices, as well as delivery & transportation. It allows potential clients to make an educated decision and simplifies the entire sales process. 

Enhances SEO ranking and web traffic

When the visitors spend more time on your page using the online calculator, the site’s crucial metric ‘Bounce rate’ drops. Bounce rate signals to Google that the website is not helpful to users or bad user experience. A drop in bounce rate signals the webpage quality. A well-optimized webpage comprising of an online calculator can increase the chances to rank top on search results and drive traffic.

Offers a competitive edge

With an online calculator, you offer potential clients an exclusive service. They can choose the kind of service they need and gain a total estimate instantly without connecting with your staff. They can shop around, compare products and select the preferred option based on their familiarity with the cost.

Transparent pricing model

You will not need to answer multiple unnecessary price questions by adding an online calculator to your business website. It saves your time as well as the potential customer can proceed independently to choose the goods they desire to buy and receive the total costs in minutes. Customers gain the flexibility to calculate the total cost without depending on using fixed quotes. 

Important tips

Never place an online calculator on a blank webpage because it is designed to work in sync with other influencing elements like discounts and bonuses or company descriptions, and customer reviews. Such elements are encouraging and motivate potential customers to buy.

You can even position an online calculator in theme articles. Visitors get a chance to calculate after or when they read the article. Have an online calculator created to read the benefits mentioned above ASAP. 



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