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Are you a proud owner of an iPhone? If you do, then you will be familiar with the quality of its hardware and software. It is one of most advanced smartphones you can buy. However, it does not avoid common problems that may occur with smartphones. iPhone Repair dubai is a multi-billion dollar industry. The smartphone giant has its repair centres all over the world to make a profit. These are the top iPhone problems that need to be addressed by a repair center.



iPhones are well-known for their durability but they aren’t indestructible. The screen or back glass of your iPhone could crack if you drop it on a sidewalk or street. Your iPhone may sustain visible and significant damage, even though there shouldn’t be any broken glass.

Broken screens are not something you can fix on your own. It is better to call a professional to diagnose the problem and then have them repair it. It can be very difficult to replace an iPhone screen. There are many small parts that need to be done by professionals.


Have you ever drank coffee from your iPhone? Dropped your iPhone in the pool accidentally? iPhone was wet from the rain? An iPhone can become permanently damaged by water. Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage and states that an iPhone dropped into water will not be able to recover data.

There are no other options than rubbing the device with a towel, taking out the SIM and placing it in rice. Other DIY tricks won’t work. However, if you take your device to an Apple Store, they will not attempt to save it. To save your data and create backups, you’d be better off visiting a local repair shop.


A liquid spillage, a fall or repeated use can cause the buttons to become loose or malfunction. Although it won’t make your iPhone useless, the software controls on the iPhone can be used to control almost everything. However, it can cause some inconvenience.

iPhones are made with precision and won’t break apart easily. This makes it impossible to change or repair the buttons yourself. To have your iPhone repaired or replaced quickly, take it to an Apple Store or trusted iPhone repair provider.


The charging cable or charging port may be causing your iPhone to not charge properly. To determine if the problem is with the cable, you can test it yourself by following the replacement procedure. The problem most likely lies with the charging port if the cable is fine.

Dirt and debris can build up in the port, causing problems with the connection between the cable’s pins and the charging cables. A short circuit in the internal circuit can also cause problems with the iPhone’s charging ability. To determine the cause of the problem, take it to a professional.


If your phone charges fine, but does not seem to keep its charge for more than a few hours after use, it could be a problem with the battery or its ability to provide complete backup. A more aged device will have a lower battery backup, but if your new device still turns off after a few hours, a professional should inspect it.

Extreme temperatures can cause damage to the battery and require a replacement procedure. You can go to an Apple Store or Authorized Apple Service Partner to get the replacement battery. However, if you visit a third-party shop, ensure that the battery they use is original and compatible with Apple devices.


A user has several options when it comes to iPhone repair. You have two options: go to an Apple Store, an independent repair partner authorized by Apple to use Apple’s products and repair techniques, but they are not required to charge customers, or you can visit a local third-party repair center.

It can be difficult for all users to have their devices repaired by Apple because of the low number of authorized Apple service providers and Apple stores in the country. Third-party repair centres such as Rapid Repair offer a more cost-effective and realistic option. Rapid Repair has level 4 technicians who have extensive knowledge of Apple devices. They use original parts for all types of replacement work.