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Cloudways Web Hosting Review

If you’re looking for a reliable web host that offers great customer support, you’ve come to the right place. Cloudways has an excellent phone, email, and live chat support. Their knowledgeable support staff works with customers to ensure that they’re happy with the service they’ve received. In this Cloudways Web Hosting Review, we will outline what you can expect from the company and its features. We’ll also discuss why Cloudways is an excellent choice for small businesses, as well as its ability to scale up your website.

Cloudways Web Hosting Offers Free SSL Integration

Cloudways uses a network of caching servers from different providers around the world. You can select which location to host your site from among their 8 locations. If your website has many visitors from different parts of the world, you can opt for CloudwaysCDN services. They store cached versions of your website on multiple nodes around the world, and when a visitor visits your site, they will connect to the closest node to load your content.

Whether you’re looking for a new hosting account or you’re just looking to get started, Cloudways will give you a 3-day free trial to see if they’re right for you. Their pricing plans start at just $10 per month and there are no setup fees. They offer monthly billing options, and the company’s panel is easy to navigate. SSL certificate installation is also easy – although pointing your domain to your new server can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It Offers Vertical Scaling

If you need more RAM or storage space, you can add more with Cloudways’s vertical scaling option. Cloudways’s server management panel has many customizable options, including RAM and storage. You can even upgrade your server at any time, or downgrade it when needed. Cloudways’ pay as you go model makes it easy to control server resources. And, if your traffic spikes and you need more power, you can just increase the amount of RAM or storage.

Cloudways provides infrastructure from multiple cloud providers, including AWS and Google Cloud, and handles server management, security features, and patches. You can deploy a WordPress server in minutes, and Cloudways can automatically scale it up as needed. In case of website growth, you can easily increase your hosting plan as needed. With Cloudways, you can even upgrade your plan without losing your data. Unlike some other providers, there is no fixed payment structure or setup fees.

It Offers Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an important feature of modern website security. Regular password protection is no longer effective, so a security system with two-factor authentication is crucial. This feature requires the website owner to enter an extra code, which they only know, to access the website. Cloudways web hosting takes security seriously, and offers many security features, including two-factor authentication. While these security measures might not be fancy, they can help protect your website.

Cloudways supports a wide range of internet applications. If you want to run Git on your server, you’ll need to choose a cloud hosting service with SSH support. Two-factor authentication requires an SSH Key, which is downloaded and installed on your server. This secures your site, as well as the data on your visitors. You’ll notice the lock icon in the browser’s search bar.

It Offers Automatic WordPress Installation

When you first sign up for a Cloudways web hosting account, you’ll see an interface that recommends the appropriate server resources for your WordPress site. You can then choose the location of your server and adjust its settings to get started. After that, click the Launch Now button to launch your new server. After that, you’ll be greeted with a dashboard that includes a list of applications that are installed on your new server.

Cloudways’s website hosting plan offers a range of popular applications such as WordPress and WooCommerce. Their automated installations are convenient for beginners because they allow users to install these applications with a single click. WordPress is used to power over 450 million websites. This free, open source software makes publishing content on your site easy and simple. WordPress is suitable for static business sites, blogs, and e-commerce stores and is extremely customizable. It also supports millions of users, which makes it a perfect fit for many different types of web hosting needs.

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