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Class 12 Biology: overaall view of the ncert book and the concepts taught.

Ever since the inception of science, there has been a struggle between what is viewed as “theory” and practical “experience” in research. This struggle is often over how much information should be given to students to help them understand topics on their own. This article looks at why ncert class 12 biology textbook might be the right fit for your school. This educational blog shares information about the ncert class 12 biology textbook. 

What’s Ncert?

NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) is a national level body responsible for formulating and implementing the National Curricula in various streams of education. It also conducts various research projects in the field of education. NCERT textbooks are used as reference books by various educational institutions across the country. They are also used as textbooks for multiple classes and exams. NCERT textbooks have been widely acclaimed for their high quality and accuracy. They are suitable for both primary and secondary school students. NCERT textbooks are available in different languages, including Hindi and EnglishThey are also available in digital format.

What are the solutions to the ncert class 12 textbook?

There are many solutions to the ncert class 12 textbook. Some of the most popular solutions include online solutions, offline solutions, and flashcards. Online solutions are the easiest solution to find. These solutions are usually found on websites or online platforms. Offline solutions are a bit more challenging to find. These solutions typically require you to purchase a book or resource that contains the answers to the questions in the ncert class 12 textbook. Flashcards are the simplest solution to finding the answers to the questions in the ncert class 12 book. These cards typically have a list of questions and corresponding answers. You can either carry these cards with you or store them in an accessible location. Infinity Learn offers the top solutions. 

What are the topics covered in the ncert class 12 biology textbook?

The topics covered in the ncert class 12 biology textbook include:

-Cellular structure and function

-The evolutionary process

-Biological classification




-Animal reproduction

-Environmental science

Ncert’s solutions class 12 biology textbook covers topics such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, DNA, the cell cycle, and the immune system.

How does this book compare to previous ncert textbooks?

This textbook is different from most other textbooks because it takes a molecular approach to biology. Previous ncert textbooks have typically taken a macro view of biology, which is how we see the world. This book takes a molecular system and explains the workings of cells and molecules from a molecular perspective. Another difference between this textbook and other textbooks is that it has more illustrations. This makes the text easier to follow and helps to illustrate concepts in the book. Overall, this textbook is different from most other textbooks, and it is likely to be much more helpful for students who are taking ncert biology. This book is a revision of the ncert textbook that was previously used in the school system. The previous textbook was criticized for being outdated and challenging to understand. This book has been designed to be more user-friendly, with simplified diagrams and examples. It also includes new content, such as information on genetics and evolution. Overall, this book is a better option than the previous ncert textbook. It is easier to understand and includes new content that was not included in the last version.

DNA Specifications

Another key concept in biology is DNA. DNA is responsible for the genetic information of a cell, and it plays a vital role in cellular growth and development. By understanding DNA and its role in cells, students can better understand how genes control certain aspects of cell behaviour.

In addition to understanding the basics of cells and DNA, students must also be aware of the molecular basis of biological processes. This involves understanding how molecules such as proteins interact with one another to carry out specific tasks. By understanding this molecular basis of biological processes, students can better understand how biological systems function.


After reading and studying the solutions to the textbook problems, it is safe to say that biology is a subject that has many complexities. However, by understanding how the various concepts work together and by applying these concepts in real-world scenarios, students can ultimately better understand biology. One of the most complex topics in biology is cells. Cells are the basic building blocks of all organisms, and they play an essential role in both health and disease. Cells are able to transform and grow into different types of cells, which is why it is necessary for students to be able to understand how cells work. The process of extinction is an integral part of nature. It helps to maintain biodiversity and ensure that certain types of ecosystems survive. Moreover, death can sometimes create new opportunities for species to evolve.