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Cheerful Kitchen Decor Ideas to Make Cooking Fun 

We love to eat delicious food, but cooking is not something most of us enjoy doing. But, from my experience, cooking can be fun when you do it with a relaxed mind. What gives your mind a relaxing vibe when you are in the kitchen? It’s the decor! 

The setting of your kitchen plays a huge role in making the process of cooking a delightful experience. You can use more lights, vibrant colors, better fixtures, and decorative items to give your kitchen a makeover. And it’s not always expensive if you know how to cut corners. 

In this blog, we will explore some Pinterest-inspired kitchen decor ideas that are not only aesthetic but also highly functional. 

Essentials of Kitchen Decor

A kitchen is not restricted to just cooking in most households. People like to chit-chat and eat together in the kitchen, so the decor essentials for the place aren’t merely about the cutlery.

Some of the essentials that we will cover in this section are:

  • Ceiling
  • Countertops 
  • Light fixtures
  • Resin serveware
  • Decorative racks
  • House plants

Each of the listed items serves its purpose when integrated with the kitchen. They make the place look more lively, cozy, warm, and welcoming. 

Let’s look at examples of how other people have used these ideas in their kitchen.

  1. Kitchen’s Ceiling

People like their ceiling to be enlightened with chandeliers and hanging lamps. There’s no problem with this idea, accenting the room’s ceiling well. But, you can try using small bulbs engraved into the wall. 

Here’s an example. Yes, someone has decorated their kitchen with flower bouquets. But, let’s look at the ceiling alone to have engraving ideas when doing our kitchen.

Source: Pinterest 

The bulbs fixed to the wooden ceiling add a subtle brightness. The hanging lamps make the place look fancier. 

  1. Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are probably the most used and most frequented area in a house. You chop, mince, cut and eat breakfast on them, so they are always in front of your eyes. This makes them our prime focus when decorating our kitchen.

As you can see below, the kitchen’s theme is blue and silver, which is elegant. The countertop on its own adds a lot to the feel of the place. 

Source: Pinterest 

The countertop used in this kitchen is made of marble, and it will probably be a little expensive. But, one thing about marble countertops is they are easy to maintain. 

Wooden countertops are amazing accents to a kitchen too, but they are prone to stains. So, not a great option when revamping your kitchen. 

  1. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures, like the ceiling and the countertop, are very important if you want to make your kitchen look better. The LED lamps or bulbs make the place look brighter, and you have a cheerful kitchen where you enjoy cooking. 

One unique way to elevate your light fixtures is using big bowl lamps that give the place a luxurious vibe. You can be minimal and use only the necessary amount of the lamps. Rest assured, it will look good regardless. 

Source: Pinterest

You can mix the white and yellow lights when using the lamps. They also look good separately, so you have a good room to experiment. 

What I love most about this picture above is the reflection of the lamp on the cabinets. To make the kitchen look a bit funkier, try adding different coloured bulbs. 

  1. Lynnliana Wooden Serveware

Lynnliana Wooden Serving Boards

You have an astounding countertop, an illuminated ceiling, and a perfect amount of lights in the kitchen. Why does the kitchen still feel incomplete? It’s the serveware that’s missing. Now, this is the fun part! 

Resin serveware is turning heads these days, so I’d suggest you try them. You can use Lynnliana wooden serving boards or buy their beautiful resin serving boards and serving trays. They come in different colors and amazing designs to make your kitchen look more cheerful. 

Resin serving tray

I’m amazed how each design looks equally mesmerizing. The best part is that each item is available in different colors and designs. You have full freedom to choose any product that resonates with the theme of your kitchen.

Imagine serving delicious food to your guests in one of these serveware. You’ll instantly become their favorite host! 

  1. Decorative Racks

A kitchen just doesn’t look as good without racks. People use them in place of cabinets when they are short in space. Besides accommodating kitchen accessories, these racks are a good alternative to decorating particular areas in the kitchen.

Source: Pinterest

This example has a wooden rack that’s not only space-saving but also decorative. You can have these racks installed on any wall of the kitchen. Use these racks to show off your fancy cutlery. Place some house plants on them to add a naturally pleasing vibe.

  1. Fancy Drinkware

Drinkware is undeniably an important addition to our kitchens. Be it coffee mugs, tea cups, or glassware, and it is special in our kitchen decor, we use them regularly.

But you can’t just pick any cup, mug or glass when redesigning your kitchen. You have to use items that are delicate and aesthetic.

A fancy set of glassware becomes even fancier depending on how you display them. You can put them inside a cabinet with a glass door so that they will still be visible to your guests. 

Source: Pinterest

This picture has different kinds of glasses. You can also add cups and mugs here too. The color and sizes will vary depending on your kitchen theme and how much room you can dedicate to this corner.


When remodeling or creating your kitchen spaces, you shouldn’t only look at the aesthetic and the functional factors. The entire kitchen design significantly impacts the overall mental and emotional well-being of those who use it. 

So, put a good deal of thought into the elements you’re using in the heart of your house. Ensure the entire design is in sync, and nothing looks out of place. Use the right fixtures and the kitchen color besides all that’s mentioned in the blog.



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