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Cheap Ways to Divorce – Cheap Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga

Firstly, weddings cost a lot of money, and everyone knows about it. However, terminating a marriage can also cost the same to divorcing couples. When you hire a divorce attorney who handles all the details and divorce process, you should expect to pay large. Nonetheless, divorce shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Usually, couples who keep fighting with each other in a divorce spend a large sum of money. On the other hand, if you can agree with your spouse on family matters, divorce won’t cost you much. According to a cheap divorce lawyer in Mississauga, there are ways to end a marriage in a less expensive manner. 

What are the Ways to End a Marriage in Less Expensive Manner? Let’s find out.

How to End a Marriage in Less Expensive Ways?

The key to ending a marriage least expensively is to stay away from court if it is possible. When you choose a contested divorce, a judge will decide on all the major issues between you and your former spouse. A judge will decide about property division, alimony or support, and parenting. The divorcing parties will need to bear paying thousands of dollars when they choose a hostile or a contested divorce to guard their interests. Furthermore, a contested divorce takes longer to finalize, unlike an uncontested divorce. 

Contrarily, agreeing on the major issues can reduce the cost of divorce for divorcing parties. Plus, the divorce process also becomes fast for divorcing couples. Here are the ways for divorcing couples to reduce the cost of a divorce and end their marriages:

Choose an Uncontested Divorce: 

When spouses agree on every matter in a divorce, their divorce generally becomes cheaper. Quick settlements between couples also quicken the divorce process. As a result, spouses get a quick divorce and start their new lives. Hence, you and your spouses must agree on settlements related to property division, alimony, and parenting for a quick divorce.  

Hire Divorce Lawyer from a Small Law Firm: 

Another way to make your divorce cheaper is to hire an attorney from a small law firm, like Divorce Fast. Hiring a divorce lawyer from a big law firm costs more due to the reputation and experience of their lawyers. Besides, everyone cannot afford to hire expensive lawyers to settle their family matters and finally get a divorce. Fortunately, small law firms also have credible divorce attorneys. Nonetheless, it is vital to enquire about the credibility of a small law firm and its attorneys before you consider and hire one of its divorce lawyers. 

Moreover, you can consider an attorney of a small law firm as a cheap divorce lawyer in Mississauga. Most small law firm lawyers honestly charge a flat fee for their services without any hidden cost. Hence, the divorcing couples may hire a divorce attorney from a small law firm to reduce the cost of a divorce.  

Opt for a DIY Divorce with Some Assistance from a Lawyer: 

If you want to reduce the cost of your divorce further, you may opt for a DIY divorce. Nevertheless, when you choose a DIY divorce, you will need to take care of the related matters on your own. Getting a divorce is merely a matter of filling out and filing the right paperwork. You may hire the services of a divorce attorney for filing divorce paperwork for assistance. When you only hire an attorney for divorce paperwork, the attorney will charge you fees accordingly. In other words, you won’t need to pay more to the attorney when you don’t hire a lawyer for a complete divorce. 

In addition, if you plan on filing the paperwork yourself, it will reduce the cost of divorce even more. Nonetheless, it demands effort to file divorce paperwork and get a divorce on a DIY basis. Here are the general steps that you will need to go through if you choose a DIY option for a divorce:

Step 1: Learn where you need to file the paperwork

Step 2: Acquire the initial forms

Step 3: Fill out the forms

Step 4: File the forms

Step 5: Serve the papers

Step 6: Prepare your divorce settlement 

Step 7: Fill out outstanding papers

Step 8: Appear in court

Step 9: Acquire a divorce decree 

Benefit from Mediation If Necessary: 

Taking your divorce case to court will cost you thousands of dollars. Additionally, you may need to appear in court when you and your former spouse don’t agree on certain divorce-related matters. Nevertheless, you can make settlements with your spouse via mediation. You will need to find a qualified family lawyer for mediation. Agreeing on family matters, like parenting or alimony with your spouse via mediation, ensures out-of-court settlements.


Divorce can cost an arm and a leg to divorcing couples when they choose a hostile divorce. Nevertheless, there are ways to end a marriage less expensively. A cheap divorce lawyer in Mississauga recommends the following ways for the divorcing spouses for it:

  1. Choose an Uncontested Divorce:
  2. Hire Divorce Lawyer from a Small Law Firm
  3. Opt for a DIY Divorce with Some Assistance from a Lawyer
  4. Benefit from Mediation If Necessary