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Charles Michael Vaughn’s Views on Education

Technology has changed and reshaped almost all spheres of life. In the educational department, the dynamics of education have changed. The prime example of this change is the relationship between student and teacher. According to Charles Michael Vaughn, it becomes necessary to reshape the educational department. The learning space between students and teachers should be minimized so that they can have a better learning environment, as well as a close learning space.

According to Charles Michael Vaughn, the problem is not as severe as in the early classes, the higher education students and their space with teachers have increased immensely. The problem with students of the current age is that they are exposed to a variety of information. They do not need a teacher to offer them something, they never knew before. The role of the teacher has to be revolutionized. Teaching the syllabus is never necessary now. Teachers have to be examples as well as role models for the practical demonstration of knowledge.

Apart from the hazards of technological effects on education, there are a lot more benefits as well. These benefits are listed below:

Technology Offers A Digital Educational Platform, Says Charles Michael Vaughn:

An educational department. One of the smartest and biggest innovations in the field of education offered by technology are digital education. This digital education is not only helpful for the students but it is quite important and helpful for the teachers as well. Digital education has offered students the biggest chance to complete their school as well as degrees by staying at home. This also offers teachers to do training while staying at home. In the corona epidemic, online education is also facilitated by technological invention and students were able to complete their education without wasting time.

In addition to this, there is a variety of universities that only offer online as well as distance learning. The papers and assignments are also done through online channels. There are a lot more websites that offer tutors for home tuition as well as for enrolling on courses about the skills you want to learn in the digital fields. The introduction of technology in educational fields has removed the obstacle of countries and boundaries. You can sit in your home and can get an education from any tutor in the World.

Charles Michael Vaughn Demands Interactivity in Education:

According to him sitting in a classroom, in front of a teacher, and reading through a book is a passive idea now. He opposes the traditional approaches to the education and educational system. According to him, this educational system does not provide enough opportunities for students to develop their interactive abilities.

He presents the idea of interactivity in the educational system. He says that through the online system, there can be much more fun activities like medication, searching for specific information, interaction programs, and activities that offer much more character building, skills as well as make the students confident about themselves.

Technology Offers Adaptability in Education, Says Charles Michael Vaughn:

Adaptability is and should be the main cause and objective of education. The cerebrum of every person works in a different way. One person might think of something as best while others take it as worse. What sounds good to one person may be the trash to another person. What education should offer is the adaptability that every person is different in his approaches and thinking styles. This adaptability is developed in the early stages of education when teachers draw different shapes and ask the students to fill them with colors or guess the shape. Every student will answer differently and the teacher has to demonstrate that every person is different and should be appreciated for being different.

Technology Offers Online Testing:

online testing is one of the biggest advantages of technology. Online testing of certain benefits to students as well as two teachers.

The first and most benefit of online testing is, that it is always fair. There is no chance of a biased attitude from teachers towards students.

The benefit for teachers regarding the online testing is, that they do not have to spend hours and hours checking the paper. The objective papers can be checked on the spot by the software while they only have to check the subjective questions.

Another aspect of online testing is a decrease in test anxiety. Many students have anxiety about testing. Online testing has decreased this anxiety as no one is looking at them and they can attempt their papers while sitting in their home. Online testing is also safer as when students open the website and start attempting the paper, they cannot open any other window or program and their computers.

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