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Cell Phone Repair in Peoria – Water Damage Affect the Performance Over Time

The importance of cell phones in our lives is increasing day by day. People are completely dependent on cell phones for their daily routine tasks. You all can do everything from booking a ride to ordering a meal, buying clothes, groceries, and much more while sitting at home through your cell phone. It has become an essential part of our lives that we can’t live a single day without missing. But due to the constant usage of cell phones, we sometimes forget to take care of the phones. And because of our negligence, it gets damaged or cracked. Several types of cell phone damage occur due to our carelessness or constant usage, such as water damage, cracked screen, speakers stopped working, charging port and battery damage, etc. You can fix some of these damages by going for repairs on time. And for that, there are numerous companies for cell phone repair in Peoria to assist you accordingly. 

How Water Damage Affect the Performance and Require Cell Phone Repair in Peoria 

Mobile phones have made our life easier by offering various features. We are getting used to its available features that make our life more convenient. But before enjoying the latest specs of features, it is also essential to take care of this handset. We need to take care of it by following the preventive measures, but unfortunately, the phones get damaged or shattered because of our carelessness or sometimes accidentally. So, you don’t need to panic; you have to decide whether it can be repaired at home or you should take it to a repair company like Fix My Gadget. It depends on the type of damage and how it affects the mobile slowly. So, in this article, we will let you know how water damage hurts the performance of your mobile phone over time. 


When water gets into your phone and reaches the internal circuitry, it usually causes the most harm. There is no particular time for corrosion; an electrical device can begin corroding a few hours after the initial water damage. When it comes to electronics, corrosion is a long-term issue. It is difficult to predict exactly what impacts it will have on your devices or when it will make them useless. However, the reality is that it indicates that your equipment is gradually deteriorating internally.

Damage to the Internal Components

The smartphone contains many components that can be harmed by water, and it all depends on how long the phone is immersed in water. When it comes to “essential components,” the motherboard isn’t the only one that gets harmed when your phone gets wet. The screen, charging port, camera, RAM, processor, speaker, microphone, battery, and other components can all be affected by liquid and moisture content. The most perplexing aspect is that these components are linked to the motherboard. So, once the motherboard is harmed by water, most of the other components are at risk.

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Causes a Short Circuit

Water can conduct electricity, so it rapidly affects devices that are turned on when exposed to water. When it comes into touch with a powered-on system, it effectively floods the device with connections that should not exist, causing a short circuit and severely damaging the device.

slowing Down the Device

It might be possible that the harm to your device will go unnoticed immediately. However, even small amounts of water can significantly impact the devices over time if not addressed properly. The devices are engineered carefully, and any disruption in their overall power or process flow can slow them down.

Deal with Water Damage and Go For Gadget Repair in Peoria

Dealing with water-damaged devices is, without a doubt, a stressful and complicated task. You run the risk of causing even more damage. While we strongly advise you to seek help from professionals. Being a part of certified companies, the experts offer the best cell phone repair services. So, if your cell phone is shattered or damaged intentionally or unintentionally, you don’t need to be worried; contact a company like Fix My Gadget for cell phone repair in Peoria. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does water damage affect the screen?

Water gets into the phone’s hardware and components, causing corrosion and eventual failure. One way that a problem reveals itself is through the display. Water damage can cause the screen to appear dim or dark. 

What are signs of water damage on a phone?

How to Determine if Your Phone Has Been Damaged by Water:

  • The sound will be distorted, including phone calls and music.
  • Sound will be distorted, including phone calls and music.
  • When using headphones, it may make noise.
  • Not being able to charge
  • A distorted image or a dark display screen

What happens if water gets in your phone speaker?

Once water seeps inside the speaker enclosure of your phone, it muffles the sound. When any amount of moisture dries out in your speaker, it can cause severe harm.

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