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Case of Wine: How Many Bottles Can You Expect? 

Having to make runs to the store once you’ve run out of wine is something most people don’t like, especially when they want to relax with a nice glass of wine. That is the main reason why most wine lovers prefer purchasing a case of wine to individual bottles. 

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Before they go to the store, first-time buyers of wine cases don’t typically know how many bottles they can expect. There are six or twelve bottles of wine (0.75l each) in a standard case, which amounts to 4.5 to 9l of wine they can purchase. If you are interested to learn more about a standard case of wine, make sure to read our guide until the end. 

Why get a case of wine in the first place? 

Getting a case of wine is, in all honesty, more practical than purchasing individual bottles unless you have a very profound and specific taste. If that’s the case, then you might not need the help this guide can offer since you already know what to expect from a twelve-bottle pack.  

However, some people are genuinely curious about why they should get a wine case instead of individual bottles. Our top reasons are: 

  • It can be cheaper – If price is a concern, it might be a good idea to check the price of a wine case and compare it with the cost of the individual bottle. In most cases, sellers offer good discounts on a case of wine. 
  • You’ll get more wine – How many times have you wished for a glass of wine, and you hadn’t had any at home? A simple wine case might solve all your problems, especially if you need a glass before bed. 
  • It’s more practical – A wine case is a more sensible choice than purchasing individual bottles. Most households prefer to get a wine case for this reason. Wine has no expiration date, and you can fill up your cellar a bit as well. Rather to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Stock up and relax! 
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Now you’ve got the why, let’s look at the what! 

Let’s throw some light on the types of cases, what to expect and how to select a perfect one for your needs. 

The variety of wine cases 

The standard wine case will have six to twelve bottles of wine, each containing 0.75l of wine. However, there are bigger and smaller wine cases, and they can range anywhere between three and eighteen bottles per case. 

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The “standard” one is the most sought-after wine case, and most people prefer it to any other. However, a custom case is recommended for beginners.  A custom wine case is curated by experts and leaves no margin for errors. You get perfect bottles of wine as per your taste and preferences. So, let’s start with the “custom” wine cases. 

Making a custom wine case 

A great part of buying by the case is the ability to customise. Often a case of wine will be a single varietal, but this doesn’t have to be the case.  You can have the choice when it comes to the three following categories: 

  • The number of bottles – You can select how many bottles you want.  
  • The type of wine – Someone might prefer red wine, others white wine, and some may only drink sparkling wine. If you opt for a custom wine box/case, you’ll be able to select the specific type of wines you want to purchase. 
  • The brand of wine – Finally, you’ll be able to select brands and winemakers you prefer as well. 

However, probably the most important benefit of ordering a case of wine from a reputable vendor is that you can have wine specialists curate the bottles for you.  

That way, you won’t have to spend hours reading up on the different types of wine and food pairings. You can just tell an experienced sommelier what flavour profiles you prefer – whether you like a bit of bitterness, like in dark chocolate, herbal or fruity, fairly sweet or savoury foods, etc. – and what your favourite meals are, and they can create the perfect mix for you. 

Making a standard wine case 

A standard 12-bottle mixed case of wine recommended to beginners typically features a mix of all the different varieties. For example, it may feature five bottles each of red and white wine, and two bottles of sparkling wine.  

That’s because you’ll want a wine for every occasion, and it is a great way to hone your tasting skills and find out what you actually prefer.  

That’s why a case with several different reds and whites is ideal for beginners. However, you can go for a different mix of bottles, depending on your preferences: 

  • All white or all red wines; 
  • A combination of dry and sweet from different regions; 
  • All wines from a single country or region (Italian, French, Spanish); 
  • The usual reds and whites with some fortified wines thrown into the mix; 
  • A sparkling wine dominant mix for a big celebration. 

These are just some of the suggestions, as the variations are virtually endless, and you can always play it mostly safe and just add one or two outliers that you’ve always wanted to try.  


Learning everything you need to know about wine cases can help you make the right choice when getting your favourite drink. Keep in mind that it’s always more practical to purchase a wine case than to buy individual bottles. After all, you can always opt for a custom wine case and get the number of bottles you desire, the types you like, therefore, make the right decision. Good luck! 

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