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CareLogic And Medhost: Two Soaring Healthcare Solutions 

When it comes to healthcare practices, EMR solutions are the first thing that comes to mind. But, for  medical practices to ascend, a fully-functional EHR solution is necessary. And these days, two names are taking over the electronic health records industry, and that are Carelogic and Medhost EHR. The feature range of these solutions is fully integrated with the clinical workflow and thus helps practices soar like an eagle. So, let’s see how effective these solutions are.  

Carelogic EHR Software: 

CareLogic is a cloud-based and ONC-certified EHR that is highly configurable. It is primarily a behavioral health and human services EHR solution tailored to fit the needs of care practices. This industry-wide solution features a comprehensive suite of features to optimize clinical revenue and streamline the workflow by lessening the work burden. The vendor works beyond payback to help improve the norms of medical practices. Carelogic Enterprise offers greater flexibility with a continuously growing database.  

Carelogic EHR Features: 

Eager to improve patient lives leading to a happier future, Carelogic EHR features an exclusive feature range that is unmatchable in the industry. It offers innovative functionalities to help psychiatrists tackle the clinical challenges with embedded visualizations. All the services of CareLogic EHR software are lit, from data management to patient engagement. In addition, the clinical tools of Carelogic are well-designed with profound knowledge of behavioral health-specific content.  

Here’s what the vendor offers.  

  1. Interdisciplinary treatment planning 
  2. Consumer engagement 
  3. Performance dashboards 
  4. Custom form building tools 
  5. Custom reports generation 
  6. Drag-and-drop creation tools 
  7. Accessible spreadsheets 
  8. The golden thread 
  9. Analytics and reporting 
  10. Revenue cycle management 
  11. Mobile application 
  12. Clinical quality measures 
  13. Outcomes management 

Carelogic EHR Demo: 

The demo of Carelogic EHR is compiled by skilled personnel. Mastering the art of presentation, the professionals have delicately created the Carelogic EHR demo. With the impeccable word choice, the vendor has enhanced the value of its service manifolds. The Carelogic EHR demo is cost-free and is openly available for interested providers.  

Carelogic EHR Pricing: 

Carelogic EHR has not made its pricing structure publicly available. For pricing details of Carelogic, you have to contact the vendor or send a request. However, Carelogic states that it prefers custom plans structured on the basis of number of users. So, all care providers get customized yet cost-effective plans to enhance their clinical effectiveness.  

Carelogic EHR Reviews: 

The reviews of Carelogic EHR help visualize the solution for how it works in real-life situations. The vendor has a compelling aura that attracts customers and even helps providers score a productive customer base. Psychiatrists get to practice streamlined billing and audit claims in a breeze, Its extensive clinical library makes prescription management and charting a hassle-free task.  

Carelogic Enterprise drives potential returns by effective payment processing. It leads to optimal care outcomes leading to satisfied patients. Coupled with an extensive data house its analytical tools work magic for care organizations. In addition, it provides thorough guidance and training at every level. However, even though Carelogic EHR software offers a vast array of services, users complain that it’s hard to learn and complex.  

Medhost EHR Software: 

Having been around for 35 years, Medhost has taken over the EMR industry with unprecedented specs and integrated capabilities. Medhost EHR software empowers care professionals with fine-grade services to extend patient outreach. It features content-rich features and services to allow physicians to deliver care substantially more effectively. In addition, Medhost EHR enables care organizations to manage the administrative and financial processes without stretching their resources too far.  

Medhost EHR Features: 

Inclined at improving the operational health of clinical practices and hospitals, Medhost EHR strives to reduce clinical burden. It supports one-in-a-kind clinical and financial solutions for the operational success of practices by helping them earn an untarnishable reputation. This market-leading solution helps care facilities with engaging capabilities to span the continuum of care. It even supports surgical workflow for enterprise-grade hospitals with a fingers flick.  

Given below is the list of features of  Medhost: 

  • Perioperative experience for surgical workflow 
  • Physician experience 
  • YourCare Continuum 
  • Patient access solution to easily connect with patients 
  • Emergency Department Information System 
  • Managing accounts receivables 
  • Contract posting 
  • Pay-roll processing 
  • Health Analytics 
  • Reporting 
  • Records Management 
  • Bed Administration  

Medhost EHR Demo: 

Medhost EHR offers a free-of-cost demo. This demo of Medhost works like a prompt walkthrough for all care providers. They can analyze the services offered in the light of their goals. One can even visualize the learning curve by exploring the Medhost EHR demo. The demonstration tutorial is also well-presented with fine details of impeccable services. Medhost EHR demo is readily available upon request. 

Medhost EHR Pricing: 

Medhost EHR does not reveal pricing details. However, there’s a word around that Medhost is fairly priced as it comes with a cost-effective pricing model. But to know for sure, clinical providers have to send a quote to the vendor.  

Medhost EHR Reviews: 

Medhost EHR reviews reveal that clients take it as a consumer engagement platform as it offers endless patient-centered care services. This robust platform provides access to real-time results in no time. Also, reviews of Medhost EHR reveal that it improves staff efficiency during emergencies with tools like bed coordination. It encourages a systematic and well-structured staff administration for increased clinical effectiveness.  

It cuts down financial management costs with a built-in RCM solution. According to Medhost EHR reviews, the software automates record management to prevent data loss and mismanagement. The fact that Medhost EHR reviews show that it allows handling individualized dashboards is plausible. However, the vendor lacks customer support because it is not responsive.  

Carelogic vs Medhost: 

Deciding between these two is totally up to you. The feature range, price, and customer satisfaction rate of these solutions are more effective and easily affordable for medical practices. Indeed there is a significant difference in their features so you have to evaluate your clinical needs before making a considerable investment in any of these vendors. So, think wisely and decide as per your convenience. We are not forcing you to choose either Carelogic or Medhost. If you think these solutions are not capable of meeting your set goals you can look into hundreds of other reliable solutions.  

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