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Cannabis: What is it?

Cannabis, often known by many different names, such as Weed, Marijuana. Cannabis is a psychoactive drug. Cannabis is one of the most popular recreational drugs globally, with an estimate of around 80% of people having consumed it once in their life.

Cannabis is made up of three plants, Cannabis Ruderalis, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica. Its main components are THC and CBD. THC, known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive component present in Cannabis. It is what produces the famous “high” which you might have felt while consuming Marijuana. CBD stands for Cannabidiol which produces therapeutic properties. CBD doesn’t produce any high yet is known to produce healthier effects. 


Cannabis in its parent plant form, known as Hemp, has been one of the oldest plants cultivated in the world. It is found in ancient cultures of Japan, Korea, and India. 

Hashish, another form of Cannabis, was popular in Persian culture, which spread to Iranians and slowly reached globally through various encounters of different cultures. 

Types of Cannabis

Cannabis comes in many different types and forms. Check out the different varieties of Cannabis at I Love Growing Marijuana. The major forms of Cannabis are:-

Marijuana– These contain dried leaves and flowers from Cannabis Plants. Marijuana is the most popular form of consuming Cannabis and is often considered the least potent form as they contain less THC.

Hashish– Hashish is more solid in form as they usually contain dried resins from the Cannabis plant. Marijuana is often dried and solidified in blocks to produce Hashish. They are more potent than Marijuana. 

Hash Oil– It’s an oil extracted from Cannabis that has a golden brown appearance. It’s thick and has a distinct smell. Hash Oil has the highest THC concentration and is considered the most potent form of Cannabis.

Why Cannabis?

There’s often a misconception that Cannabis is only smoked. While it’s true that smoking is one form of consuming Cannabis, there are a lot more benefits associated with the plant. Hemp, a form of Cannabis, is used to produce paper and is popular in the clothing and textile industry. 

Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis has a wide range of benefits. It is useful for medicinal purposes and has been shown to reduce dependency on other strong drugs. 

  • Medicinal Benefits– Marijuana has been studied scientifically and provides a range of medicinal benefits. It is used to treat epilepsy and works as a pain reliever. It’s also used in cancer patients during chemotherapy sessions.
  • Relieve Anxiety– Marijuana is popularly used to relieve anxiety. Marijuana, especially which contains higher doses of CBD, is known to calm the neurons in the brain and produce a relaxing effect, thereby reducing anxiety. 

While Cannabis has a range of benefits, there are harms too if consumed in excess. However, the fact remains that Cannabis has a range of benefits realized in the global community, with more and more states legalizing it. With legalization, it helps to study and research the uses and benefits of Cannabis more. To know about the best kind of Cannabis, visit