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Business Lessons from Ludo

Lockdown has done some interesting things for the world. People who used to complain that they could not get some quality time with their friends and family now get that in abundance. From making food together, watching movies, and playing board games, a lot of things have been done right. When the world outside was scary and unpredictable, we found solace and comfort together with family and made memories along the way. One thing that every family has done during the lockdown is playing a game of Ludo. From business CEOs to daily wage earners, everyone has played at least one game of Ludo with the kids or friends during these two years of unofficial house arrest.

Online Ludo has gained popularity among online gamers, especially those interested in skill-based games. Ludo tests the player’s decision-making, strategy, and understanding of the game to determine the outcome. The user interface of an online Ludo game app is similar to the board game, with key differences being in the application of skill, mind, and strategy.

Ludo is not only a great source of enjoyment, but it also teaches some important life skills. There are many reasons why people choose to play Ludo and not any other online board games. Some apps even allow players to earn money in real-time by defeating their opponents or playing the game regularly. There are a lot of things that can be learned from the game of Ludo and applied in real life. But have you ever wondered if these board games can be incorporated into our businesses? This article lists five relevant things to running a business that can be learned by playing Ludo online.

The Beginning is Not Your Definition

It cannot be determined who will start the game while playing Ludo. You may roll a six later than everyone else, but it all depends on how you play after that. You may also become the winner despite starting last if you play well and carefully. The same thing applies to life as well. Businesses take a lot of effort to begin. Empires are not built in a day. It does not matter how troublesome the beginning of your business venture was; all that matters is how and what you do once it takes off.

Never Underestimate the Competition

Sometimes we lose the game because we either underestimate others or overestimate ourselves. In the game of Ludo, those who are far behind mainly surprisingly take over you and even win the game a lot. It is therefore advisable to never underestimate anyone, especially your competitors. The one you deem weak may turn out to be an underdog and win it all.

Patience is a Virtue

Ludo teaches you to always expect the unexpected. Whether it is in the game or in real life, never give up until you reach the end. You only lose when you give up. You may think that you are losing, but just like that, you may get the numbers you need to put you in the lead. All you need is patience. Similarly, sometimes things go bad in businesses, but an unexpected turn of events might happen your way, and your business will take off.

Always Plan Ahead

Different people play the game differently. Some play on the offensive side, while some play the game defensively. This is something that will help you in real life as well. Either be useful or adapt your strategies according to your opponents. If your opponents are offensive, how long do you think you will last in the game by being the good guy? Therefore, strategize. Strategy is key to winning the game and running a successful business.

Never Be Too Trusting

It is a good thing to be trusting. But too much of anything, even if good, can quickly turn toxic. So trust your opponents to play fair, but do not assume they will not harm you along the way. There is always going to be only one winner in the game, and everyone wants to win. Even if your opponent lets you go once, they might not do it all the time. So be trusting but not naive.

Some might find it surprising how Ludo resurfaced as the most popular game during the pandemic, especially since it is now available to play online. But Ludo is more than just a game to those who know it. Back in the day, people participated in elaborate competitions, and today, families and friends play it to reconnect and relive childhood memories. There is a reason why many people consider it their favourite game, and the reason is because of the lessons it teaches.

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