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Bundesliga negotiations begin for overseas broadcasting rights

The Bundesliga has started selling its broadcast rights overseas. Germany’s PFL has selected multiple bids from several investment funds, including Bridge Point, KKR and CVC Capital Partners, to acquire 25% of its overseas broadcasting rights, Reuters reported.

The league plans to redefine German football rights internationally, with a goal of exceeding €230 million per season and reaching a turnover of 478 million in the 2029-2030 season

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 The meeting will meet May 19 to vote on proposals from several companies and require a two-thirds majority to move to the final stage. A binding bid is expected in late June, with a final deal expected in July, Reuters said.

Funds such as Bridge Point, KKR and CVC Capital Partners have been selected in the Bundesliga.

Media companies will be responsible for marketing the audio-visual rights of the competition, with one task being to create a new OTT platform. Bundesliga, which has been marketing the global media rights of the German league since 2008, will be merged with the company’s international subsidiary & media. The sale of DFL’s 25% rights to a private equity fund also means they can benefit from business alliances with companies such as speculator Tampico, American food group Modeled or cloud services platform Amazon Web Services.

The Bundesliga main source of revenue comes from audiovisual rights, which was €1,489 million in the 2019/2020 season, representing 39.2% of the league’s total turnover, or €3,800 million in other countries such as Spain. Lilia’s football 스포츠중계 are limited to packages or subscriptions to TV services. So when traveling abroad, you may miss your favorite team’s next game if you haven’t been forewarned. And this means that even if you’ve paid for the service in Spain, live streaming over the internet can be geo-blocked, meaning you can’t hear it in other parts of the world.

Does this mean that there is no alternative to happiness?

Spanish football on its way abroad? Fortunately, thanks to virtual private networks, or VPNs, there are those that allow you to connect to servers in other countries by encrypting your private internet browsing to protect your online identity and privacy. Among other things, it prevents apps, websites and entertainment platforms from knowing your real geographic location, so you can access geo-locked content.

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