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Build Your Own Gojek Clone App With Premium Features In USA

Gojek Clone App In USA is built to offer an entire assortment of services. Name whatever services you want and this app will already have them. Ask about the services you want and it is there on the app. Book a taxi ride from your home to the city mall, or call a professional car washer at home for car detailing, and so on. All the basic on-demand services are right here on this application. Besides just the services, there are numerous on-demand features present too. 

We are not going to talk about the simple on-demand features in this blog because here, we will discuss the premium mobile app features! 


Here is a list of all the premium on-demand features of the app. See which of them are your favorite.

1. Appointment scheduling 

The users In USA can schedule their appointment through the app itself. To schedule it, the users have to click on the ‘BOOK LATER’ button. This will open up a lot of options for them to select the date and time that suits their busy time-table. The all-in-one apps like the Gojek clone only provide this service apart from instant booking. 

For example, a user wants to schedule a makeup appointment on 5th May 2022, 16:30 hours. Well, the user can schedule the appointment even 5 days earlier! So, once the user selects the makeup service on the app, they can choose the provider that suits their needs and expectations. On the checkout page, the user can select the book later option and proceed with scheduling the service. 

2. Covid-19 features 

Covid-19 features were introduced during the pandemic and updated accordingly in the post-pandemic times. These  Gojek clone app features include: 

  • Face mask verification of the delivery, moto, and taxi driver plus all the service providers who have been booked for at-home services. 
  • The restricted limit of passengers feature mentions the number of passengers allowed to travel in a particular cab type. 
  • The safety checklist, on the other hand, includes all the points of awareness dictated by the World Health Organization considering Covid-19 safety measures!

3. Video calling the service provider 

This feature is exclusive to Gojek clone KINGX 2022 but surely is one of the most useful ones. VOIP-based calling and internal chatting features were already existing in the app and on top of that, the video calling feature has come too. This feature has made it easier for the provider and the user to communicate with one another. 

For example, a user In USA has hired a delivery Genie to get some art supplies from a small wholesale store. Well, this feature will help the Genie to call up the user to confirm if the picked items are correct or not. Moreover, this will initiate a more personalized shopping experience and allow users to shop for whatever they want.  

4. The smart application login feature 

Under this feature, Android users can log into the app using fingerprint scanning while iOS users can use their Face ID for the same. To activate this feature, the user first needs to register with the app and log in using their phone number/email address and password. Then, in the account settings on the app itself, they can toggle on the smart login feature. 

Thus, from next time onwards, the Gojek clone app user In USA doesn’t have to worry about remembering the usernames and passwords!  


Aspiring entrepreneurs now is the time to take control of your own business ‘digitally’ by launching the Gojek clone app In USA. Find out the perfect white-labeling experts for your business needs and budget to get started with the idea that will make you a millionaire in no time. 

Add all the above-mentioned features to the app and launch the most perfect app of all time.

Eleena Wills
Eleena Wills
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