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Brooke Jessica Kaio About Technology

According to Brooke Jessica Kaio, Technology Gives Rise To New Business Approaches. Brooke Jessica Kaio feels technology has its approaches and takes human beings at the pace it wants. Human beings are dependent upon technology nowadays. Not even a single day in the life of a modern man is possible without the use of technology and technological gadgets.

Brooke Jessica Kaio said The present age is the age of gadgets. We have a device for everything that was supposed to do with our hands almost three decades ago. Brooke Jessica Kaio describes technology as something inevitable for life. The gadgets made up of technology range from the eclectic stove to automatic washing machines. After getting on the level of mechanical, many devices are developing that are portable as well.

Brooke Jessica Kaio

Technology has undoubtedly given rise to the new business, says Brooke Jessica Kaio. The example of marketing techniques can be illustrated here. Online reputation management became a necessity with the development of the online business industry. Now, the common or any laymen cannot handle the technicalities of this job. The people who want to increase their business’s online reputation have to avail the services of such teams.

Additionally, some companies have maintained a department of human resources and social media team responsible for their social media handles, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages and groups. The increase in technology makes things more intricate, and to simply these intricacies, more and more jobs will be offered. In the present article, we will discuss the kind and nature of jobs that had never existed before the invention of the internet.

Work From Home During Corona

Brooke Jessica Kaio mentioned the corona epidemic was the core point in using technology. Online business was at its peak during the corona epidemic because every business had shifted to an online forum. The more people offer their services on online forums, the stricter the competition over there. To beat each other in the provision of services and present themselves among the top searches, google optimization services were introduced. The online tailor to online health facilitators was available during the epidemic.

Home car wash services were introduced. The professional cleaners were appointed to clean the things in touch with corona patients. Among all, work from home was introduced. The home-based work, home-based teaching, and home-based learning were the key points during that time. The applications serving for work have earned a lot during that time. Many people started their online carers in the corona period and have made their companies and successful YouTube channels.

Remote Work

Brooke Jessica Kaio said the most significant revolution that has been offered by technology is remote work. Numerous fields provide jobs on a remote level. A remote level job means that you can do a job without joining any physical office with a definite timing while sitting in your home or anywhere.

Many people like Brooke Jessica Kaio do their jobs while having some remote jobs to increase their income. The variety of remote jobs ranges from content writing to fashion designing, supervision, website designing, dress designing, stitching, teaching, virtual assistant, and salesperson. The online representative job is also invented with the invention of technology. Before that, face-to-face and in-person contact was the only requirement asked by the customers. The remote jobs are not limited to any sphere of life. You can hire people for everything, even for your fitness training.

Applications For Jobs

With the introduction of remote work, plenty of websites and platforms were introduced to offer remote work to the people who want to do jobs and want to stay in their homes. Various applications are earning money by providing virtual or remote work. The well-known and famous names in the industry include Fiverr, Up work, LinkedIn, people per hour, freelancer, and numerous other websites and applications that offer remote work and, in return, take charges from the buyers on the worker’s side. These applications are the most significant business that technology has given rise to.

Online Courses

Online education and online courses are another job opportunity that has been offered with the help of technology, says Brooke Jessica Kaio. Tutors from anywhere in the world can teach the students via online sessions, YouTube channels, or websites such as Coursera, Course hub, and many others.


Brooke Jessica Kaio observed that automation is the most exciting factor technology has offered to the present generation. Automation is the process where artificial intelligence is linked with a Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channel. When ranking and fan following increase, the server will start noticing you, and you will be up in the searches. When the watch time and likes on YouTube crosses a specific limit, the server begins paying you off. The same is the case for Facebook as well as Instagram handles. All you have to do is to link your accounts with automation.

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