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Brand Trends for 2022

Brand trends are constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up with the newest emerging craze. A brand design agency can help with discovering what is right for your brand and company, but it is also a good idea to learn about it yourself too, as this can help you to personalize your own brand identity and help you to spearhead the efforts in growing your business. Here are some raving brand trends for 2022:


Global warming and climate change are quickly becoming a threat to our work and daily lives. Many organizations and companies are responding to this crisis by making their products and branding messages more eco-friendly. This means emphasizing the sustainability of their products in their brand message and making an effort to be sustainable. Other changes include eco-friendly packaging, which can help to limit a business’s carbon footprint, and adopting ethical business practices. All of these things can also help a business to gain a more reputable name, as their target markets and the overall general consumer may appreciate the efforts put forth by a company to make the world a better place.

Simple Logos

There are all kinds of benefits to choosing a simple logo. The number one benefit is an increase in recognition for a brand. Consumers are less likely to remember a logo that is too complex. The key to simplicity is to make your logo easy to read. Don’t use a hard-to-read cursive font or crowd your logo with intricate details. Make sure the overall message and design is straightforward. If you have to squint to see the details of a logo, then that might be a sign that you should begin to take away some of those distracting elements. The most successful logos are carefully put together and well thought out. It is important that you try not to rush your logo design, otherwise, your branding may suffer due to an oversight.

Adaptable Logos

An adaptable logo is easily scaled up or down for different uses. A fancy or detailed logo is less likely to be adaptable; it can be designed too intricately to be changed in any way. You want your logo to work for large-scale advertising and small-scale social media posts and campaigns. Some brands choose to have one master logo and several other versions of it. Brands use different versions based on where the logo is going and what kind of target audience it is aimed toward.

Animated Logos

Animated logos are a fun way to give your brand some personality. It is more visually entertaining and a unique way to advertise your company’s product and mission. An animation creates a bigger chance of people remembering the brand. There are several ways to create an animated logo. One way is to introduce fun movements with the logo. Brands should incorporate the brand message into the animation to ensure that their advertising is streamlined and keeps a focus on the products or services being promoted.

Nostalgic Branding

Another branding trend that people currently love is nostalgic branding. The brands that have been around longer will likely have more impact going the nostalgic route. It is an excellent way to let your consumers know you have been around a long time and can automatically establish familiarity and trust among consumers. It can bring back memories for those who were young when the brand first looked like that. Special designs from past times can help consumers feel attached to the company more and increase sales due to the positive feelings that the brand design evokes. If you focus on nostalgic advertising, your target audience who’d grown up with your brand may be compelled to buy into your messaging.

Official Hashtags

Hashtags divide posts into topic categories. By creating official hashtags for your brand, you put all posts about your product or service in one spot. Hashtags organize the brand posts and make your consumers involved. It will allow consumers to give their opinions and help others to recognize your brand more easily. Consumers can share their thoughts and you can make any necessary adjustments to the brand based on the feedback that your brand receives. Hashtags are also a good way for consumers to match your company name to a specific trend or brand. As a hashtag becomes more widely used, it allows your target market to expand and become more recognizable by other people who may not have necessarily been familiar with your brand before.

Online Content

The internet is not going away any time soon, so the best thing to do is to use it to your advantage. There are endless possibilities for what brands can do online. The most popular forms of online content include social media, blogging, videos, and podcasts. Online content is a form of entertainment for current consumers, and it helps other people to discover a brand. The benefit of using the internet for your brand is that everything is easily shareable. Anyone can share content with a click of a button and this can help to spread the word about different initiatives or products that your company wants to introduce. Consumers may even post about your product without being paid, leading to free advertising. It can certainly be amazing how prevalent and easy social selling is.

How Can a Brand Design Agency Help?

A brand design agency can help you to build your own company brand by telling you exactly where your brand is lacking. The agency will start by having a consultation with you to discuss everything they need to know about your brand and goals. From there, an expert agency will have the necessary information to create a plan of action for your brand. Once you agree on a plan with them, they will create a brand identity. Your brand identity can consist of logos, design, colors, typography, and a marketing strategy. You should reach out to a brand design agency if you want to refocus your company’s branding efforts.

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