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Boho Bridal Bouquets Options and Tips To Take Care of Them

Nothing can compare to the joy of receiving a fresh-cut stunning flower bouquet. However, it is disheartening to see them wither. It requires proper care if you want them to stay with you for longer. You may find it funny how you can stop a flower from dying because it is not something you can do.

Everyone likes to cherish a gift they receive from someone they love or hold dear. Even though people use Vaughan flower delivery to send stunning blooms, it still takes a lot of effort for them to pick the perfect one. Firstly, they look for a reliable florist like My Flower Toronto. After that, they spend hours browsing through the flower collection of My Flower Toronto to find the best one for their loved ones.

My Flower Toronto also has a great collection of wedding flowers. If you are planning your wedding and looking for a perfect bridal bouquet, you can always browse through their collection. Bohemian bridal bouquets are in these days. To help you, here are some details on bohemian bridal bouquets.

Bohemian bridal bouquets

When it comes to Bohemian bridal bouquets, you will find countless options. The relaxed Bohemian variety is the one people refer to as the boho. At first, it was the symbol of the counterculture. It was the 19th century when people came across this vibrant combination.

Now, moving on to bridal bouquets, you have many choices. Wild boho is one of them. A bridal bouquet of wildflowers is perfect to signify the word bohemian. Whether you held your wedding in summer, spring or fall, colours like orange, red and yellow against greenery are popular these days. Combining these bright colours with springs of eucalyptus and baby’s breath gives it a stunning wild boho vibe.

On the other hand, princess posy bouquets are a perfect choice for a boho princess bridal. These bouquets are a little smaller than typical wedding bouquets. The princess’s posy bouquets give elegant yet delicate vibes. These bouquets usually use a collection of cream and pink roses, camellias and baby’s breath put together using a dainty ribbon.

Other bohemian bridal bouquet options include –

  • Succulent boho bouquets
  • Blue boho bouquets
  • Peach and orange colour tones bouquets
  • Feather bouquets
  • Fern bouquets
  • Large flowers, small bud
  • Traditional bouquets

Tips for maintenance and flower care

It takes a lot of effort to maintain and take care of flowers, like choosing them for your special day. You need to put your utmost to keep these flowers alive if you want to cherish them for longer. With the following tips, you can take care of them.

Firstly, remove the tissues and decorative plastics from the flowers as soon as possible. After that, cut the stems a bit before you place them in water. Remove wilting or dead stalks or leaves from the flower arrangement. Most importantly, you must protect the flowers from heat.

Keep them away from direct sunlight. At the same time, avoid placing your flowers beside vegetables or fruits that are ripping. It is essential to replenish the water frequently. You can also use flower food to nourish them.



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