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Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery! The first time I heard about this plastic surgery was 2 years ago when I went to see my ophthalmologist because I was having some trouble seeing objects and reading letters.

What really happened, is that a few years ago I started noticing that I can’t read some words on a billboard, or can’t see the small objects in pictures, so I thought I might have an eye problem. So I decided to consult an ophthalmologist to help me diagnose and treat my case.

I booked my appointment with the ophthalmologist at Novomed and went to see him at his clinic. During the consultation, the doctor tested my eyes and examined them. He noticed that there is something wrong with my eyes. I remember him holding up my eyelids, and then asking me to read! And that is a surprise! I can read and see clearly.

I asked him what did he do? He told me that I don’t have an eye problem, but my eyelids are too saggy, so they affect my ability to see clearly. He continued that the best solution is to remove the saggy skin from the eyelids and everything will be then ok.

He then recommended seeing a plastic surgeon in abu dhabi, because he can help better with the eyelid problem. So I asked him if he knows any good plastic surgeons, he gave me his friend’s phone number, who works also at Novomed, and told me that he will be in Abu Dhabi next week, so I can contact him.

I did so and booked my appointment with the plastic surgeon the next week, and when he arrived in Abu Dhabi, I went to see him in Novomed. He asked me about my problem and I told him what happened and what the ophthalmologist told me. So he checked my eyelids and told me that some saggy skin and excess fat should be removed during an eyelid lift. He explained that it is an easy surgery, it won’t take long, and the results will be great.

So we scheduled a day to perform the plastic surgery, which took like 1 hour, with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. I didn’t feel any discomfort or pain, the doctor was focusing and working very carefully.

Once done, the doctor informed me that everything was ok, and the surgery went well. He told me that I will need 2 to 5 days of rest before getting back to my normal tasks. And he explained to me that the final results will appear after 4 to 6 weeks.

Now that the final results appeared, I can notice the improvement, I can see better and read clearly. Thank you very much Novomed!

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