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Best Winter Treks in the Himalayas


In the winter season, the routes of the Himalayan hills change into a heaven and are capped with a sheet of white color snowfall. Moving upwards these snow capped routes of the powerful Indian Himalayas is the dream of so many people. They will take the attention of all kinds of traveling people and exciting people for small and large journeys to have a fun of the charming of the winter season. Going by the way of the old aged forests, crossing icy small rivers, and having fun of the most astonishing vision of the snowfall sky are just the preliminary things that snowfall climbing in India suggests.

The people who love the winter season, then they can plan their journey in the upcoming season. The hills mesmerize all natural lovers with their charm which exceeds at the time of winter season. People who are planning to go on a holiday trip and will not have any idea. About where to go and what to visit at the time of the winter season, then following are the best winter treks to do in the Himalayas to have a memorable experience for the lifetime.

Nag Tibba Trek, Uttarakhand

Nag Tibba is settled amazingly at a distance of 9,915 feets in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, near Mussoorie. Residents of this place believe that Nag Devta will give protection to the township so they mostly go to this temple. The journey of this place starts from Pantwari. The exciting journey is well known for its natural charm which can be observed.

Situated under the Himalayas, travelers do not worry about the distance sickness. Because it is simply an easy trek for the people who are traveling for the first time and to children as well. It consumes max of 2 days to reach the destination, which makes perfect weekend breakout, and takes an attention of the tourists all over the world.

After a beautiful beginning, spending for sometime the journey goes through the Oaks and rhododendrons. Winter season going on foot to Nag Tibba invites people with a beautiful sheet of snowfall around you. The trek passes through the Nag Tibba temple and ends with the amazing vision of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Bedni Bugyal Winter Trek, Uttarakhand

Originating from the spiritual place of the Rishikesh, the trek goes ahead to the different altitudes of the Garhwal region. After going for a long distance from Rishikesh and crossing the beautiful routes of Karnaprayag. Tourists go to the township of Wan. The trek from Wan Township to Bedni Bugyal is risk taking. People have to travel through the deep forests and small rivers to arrive at the final destination.

The flower capped grasslands invites all trekkers who come to Bedni Bugyal. But in the winter season the green meadows change into a tapestry of snowfall. People can view the snowfall as far as the distance is visible. In the center of the grasslands, tourists can view the cherished pond. Hills, deep valleys and large hills, and over all the large beautiful vision of Trishul and the Nanda Ghunti peaks are the importance of Bedni.

Har ki Dun Trek, Uttarakhand

Situated in the center of the cradle shaped valley, just below the top of Har Ki Dun. The Har Ki Dun Winter trek is one of the most astonishing in the western HCHimalayas. The Amazing Har Ki Dun Trek is present in the attractive land of Uttarakhand. The trek begins in Dehradun and extends to Sankri, the entrance of Har Ki Dun. From the place of Sankri the trek is well pointed and passes by the way of the deep forest with beautiful vision of the valley.

The township of Taluka will be the immediate arrival after the Sankri. Taluka can be reached from Sankri by traveling with vehicles. The option of reaching over there totally depends on the trekkers. This winter season’s eternity is a dreamland for tourists as the charming and unique valley suggests multiple traveling trips.

Sham Valley Trek, Ladakh

Settled in the Beautiful Ladakh region, Sham Valley Trek is named for its apricot flowers that flourish in the valley at the time of winter season. The way Goes on by foot is also called the “Baby Walk”. The reason behind it is the perfect choice for the newcomers. The trek goes by the way of small hills, cascaded small rivers, different terrains, and small townships. The beginning place of this journey commences from Leh and goes through Yangthang by the way of Chagatse La, Hemis Shukpachan via Tsermangchan La height of 3750 meters, a small township by the way of Mebtak La and Nurla, before ends up in the place of Leh.

There are also various beautiful places to visit like the Likir Monastery, the initial Sham Kingdom, and the Indus valley.

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