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Best Window Treatments for Cold Places

We live on a planet where the temperature is not the same in every place it has. Some of the places have record-breaking cold temperatures while somewhere heat is at its peak. This is probably because every place or country is geographically different. And most of the credit goes to our sun, there is no reason to be not grateful for it.

That is why a question raises is there a need for different window treatments for different regions?

Well, the answer is non shockingly Yes…

And if you are living in a mostly cold region then you are welcome as in this talk we are going to give our best recommendations on window treatments that are best specifically for cold places. Which are surely going to keep your house warm.

Cellular Shades

They are also known as honeycomb shades due to fact that they are designed like a honeycomb. These are the best in the game. As they are very energy-efficient and can be used in both winter and summer.

They are consists of air pockets across all their surface, these air pockets are working as insulators separately and blocks the unnecessary cold from going through them. These air pockets also come in double layers giving you an option of much better insulation.

And this is not just it, they are very unique and stylish as well. So you are going to enjoy their insulation and glamour both at the same time.

Plantation Shutters

They fit best on the quote “Old is Gold”. They are great insulators not just in terms of cold but also regarding noise. As they are made of very hard durable materials, makes them a window treatment that lasts long.

Due to their hard material, they are energy-efficient and also maintain privacy and light very well. They come in a huge range of styles and colors and can be customizable also. Make you buy them in good quality and prefer who have very small as no gaps in between them.

Roman Shades

Everyone likes a combo. And with these shades, you are likely to have a combo. These are one of the gorgeous window treatments on the market and are also very good at insulation. They are made from thick material which is also properly sealed around the corners and also backed with thermal technology in some cases.

Makes them a great investment indeed. They are highly customizable and keep in mind that they are only going to be affected when they are made to measure. And makes sure to have cordless roman shades if have children and pets around.

Solar Blinds

These blinds probably came in handy in summers as they have the capabilities to completely reflect or absorb the sunlight. Don’t get wrong by their name as they are not made up using any solar technology like in solar panels instead they are made up of a material that is very tightly woven making the sunlight impossible to hide from.

As now you know that they can reflect the sunlight and by this, they become very hot and start working as a heat radiant, making your inner space warmer affectively by radiating the heat they possessed from sunlight.

Window Drapes

A very thick and traditional window treatment indeed. Come in a huge range of colors and patterns. Good quality drapes are great insulators as they are made from a thick material. Also great due to fact that they can cover your entire, they are just all over the window size no matter ready-made or custom made.

They become more good at insulation when they are backed by thermal technology. And when they have thermal liners in them they start looking elegant even from the outside.

Multi-layered Window Treatments

This window treatment is particularly for the people who love a certain window treatment but can’t get any insulation out of it. So they can solve this issue by multi-layering a window treatment they love with a window treatment that is great for insulation.

So in scenario this you just have to keep a thing in mind, that to choose the right combination so you don’t have to sacrifice the overall look of the interior because if the combination is not there then surely there will not be beauty.

Additional Tips for Keeping your House Warm

Opt for using paints with the capabilities of becoming a barrier between inside temperature from outside. It is recommended to consult with a professional in this regard.

Opt for using reverse ceiling fans.

Opt for using a smart thermostat.

Opt for using a heavy rug in the space you spend most of your time.

Opt for covering your kitchen hood after every time you are done with it.

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