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Best Suppliers For Commonly Used Surgical Pliers

The cutting and dissecting instruments is the most important class of surgical equipment. This special category comprises a large number of medical instruments. For one purpose or another, they assist surgeons to cut different structures. 

Surgical pliers are also cutting and dissecting tools. They are robust structures with two beaks and straight or curved handles. Pliers are multi-purpose medical tools. They assist surgeons in several orthopedic procedures. Primarily, they are helpful in removing pins, bending wires and pins, cutting and crimping wires, and manipulating tissues.  

Different types of pliers have different shapes. There are variations in the beak structure and the handle grip of the tool. Also, for the above-listed purposes, each plier is specific. It is also possible that one plier type can perform more than one task. It depends on the specifications of the instruments. 

For effective performance, the material of the instrument is the prime concern. Mostly, they have german stainless steel material. The working part of the instrument may have tungsten carbide inserts for precision control. Besides, the prime quality material makes instruments reusable after sterilizations.

Among many types of pliers surgical instruments, cerclage, wire bending, needle nose, pin extraction, and flat nose are the most important.

Types Of Common Medical Pliers

Medical pliers are available in a variety. Each type has its specifications according to its use in medical procedures. It also depends on the surgeon’s choice or the procedure requirements for selecting the tool. Here, we will discuss some commonly used medical pliers regarding their structure and uses.

Wire Bending Plier

Orthopedic surgeons use wire bending pliers to form and bend different kinds of wires during orthopedic surgery. Moreover, they are useful in adjusting the bones during medical procedures. These specially designed pliers instruments have serrated jaws with tungsten carbide inserts. 

The instrument features flat inner surfaces that help in atraumatic manipulations of different structures. Additionally, they help surgeons access difficult-to-reach areas. Wire bending pliers feature lightweight, rust-proof body, and high tensile strength.

Universal Pliers

Universal pliers are helpful for orthopedic surgeons to grasp, remove, and bend pins and K-wires. They also help make loops and circles of different wires. The jaws of the instruments are thin. Thus, they can access invasive areas easily. 

The tungsten carbide material makes them more durable medical pliers instruments. In addition, universal pliers are sterilizable, environmentally resistant, and lightweight. These heavy-duty orthopedic tools are available in many variations.

Cerclage Pliers

Cerclage pliers have parallel grooved jaws. They are extremely handy and versatile instruments for bending and removing the k-wires. Specifically, they are helpful in working in difficult-to-reach areas. Mostly, they come in cutter features and their length varies from 5 ½ inches to 6 inches. The handle of the cerclage pliers is slightly curved and thinner as compared to other medical pliers. For surgeons’ convenience, they are available in many variations.

Needle-Nose Pliers

Needle-nose pliers are effective to bend and cut small wires. They are versatile enough for several orthopedic procedures. They feature delicate tips with cross serrated jaws.  Surgeons use them to tune, grip, and cut the wires and other structures that hands cannot reach. In addition, they are high tensile and require low maintenance. Surgeons can find needle-nose pliers in many variations according to the requirement. 

Wire Extraction Pliers 

Wire extractions pliers have usually tungsten carbide inserts for precise grip control over the different structures to be molded. They assist surgeons in manipulating and twisting the wires. Besides, they are helpful in bending the k-wires in many medical procedures. 

Wire extraction pliers have a double-action mechanism. The gold-coated handle of the instrument provides increased control during the surgery.

Above, we have discussed the most important and common types of plier medical instruments. 

Flat nose, pliers with lock, round nose, and narrow nose are some other types of these orthopedic surgery tools.

Difference Between orthopedic Scissors And Pliers

Surgical scissors and pliers are cutting and dissecting instruments. Both of them assist surgeons in orthopedic procedures. But there are several structural and functional differences between these two tools. 

Surgical scissors help cut delicate structures like small bones and tissues. Also, they are useful for cutting bandages.

On the other hand, medical pliers have a different structure and their applications in surgical procedures vary from surgical scissors. They feature either a straight or curved plier design. They help cut and mold wires and pins in orthopedic procedures. 

Best Supplier of Commonly Used Surgical Pliers

Buying surgical instruments is a tough job. It is difficult to differentiate between standard and sub-standard instruments. So, medical professionals should practice caution when buying surgical equipment from any source.

A wise surgeon always considers all the standard specifications and the features of a tool before buying it. To buy prime quality and precise surgical instruments of any type, contact GerMedUSA Inc. It’s one of the best surgical instrument supplies around the globe for the last three decades. It has maintained its position as the top choice for professionals with their quality products and superior customer care policy and services.

Can one use surgical scissors in place of orthopedic pliers?

No, they are two different tools with different purposes. If one uses scissors in place of pliers, the scissors’ tip will be ruined.

Why choose GerMedUSA?

GerMedUSA has prime-quality surgical instruments with multiple variations. Moreover, they are open to manufacturing custom instruments of any kind.