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Best Selling Product of MRF Cricket Bat

MRF Cricket Bats are one of the best-selling products of the company. The company continues to associate with young, aspiring players, like Prithvi Shaw, as its latest mascot. In addition to Kohli, MRF also continues to be associated with young cricketers like Prithvi Shaw. With so many young players aspiring to be the next big thing, it’s no wonder that MRF is so popular.

English Willow MRF Cricket Bat

English Willow MRF Cricket Bat are a best seller, mainly because they provide the maximum amount of finesse and are made from the finest woods. Grain quality, which is the number of fine lines on the surface of the bat, reflects the age of the willow. Older wood means better performance. The MRF Genius Grand and MRF Weapon are excellent examples of the English Willow bats.

Another popular cricket bat is the Milichamp & Hall Original. Made from English Willow, this bat has a large sweet spot and a short handle. It’s an elegant bat, and the original one is endorsed by Joe Root. You can buy it from a variety of sources and for a variety of prices. English Willow cricket bats are made in all price ranges, and you can choose one that fits your budget.

Spartan Sports cricket gear

MRF Cricket Bats are made by MRF Tyers, an Indian company. The bats are designed by MRF and are known for their superior quality. The MRF Cricket Bat range comprises of three distinct models. The MS Dhoni, Michael Clarke and Boss full size bats are the most popular. The MRF Cricket Bat is made of Grade-A English willow, and weighs between 1.1.23kg. The bats are priced between Rs 17,000 and 23,000, depending on the size.

The MRF Cricket Bat comes in a variety of models and price ranges. Among the MRF Cricket Bat line-up, the Original is one of the best-selling products. It is made of English Willow and has a high sweet spot. It has a short handle, making it comfortable to hold and provides plenty of playing area. It is a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.

MRF Drive English willow cricket bat

The MRF Drive English willow cricket bat is a professional-level cricket bat. Its design features include a concave back profile, a shorter toe and shoulder, and a thicker middle to absorb the shock that the ball causes when it hits the bat. The bat is also light in weight, which allows it to be balanced easily while attempting shots. The weight of this bat ranges between 1150gms and 1230gms.

While the MRF Drive English willow cricket bat is priced competitively, you will also find cheaper versions. These willow cricket bats will have minor visual defects like imperfect grains or discolourations. Despite this, Geoffrey Boycott, former England captain and the most successful Test player in history, has said that the cheaper bats will still play just as well as the more expensive versions. Most players will not notice any difference in performance between the two.

Gunn & Moore cricket bat

The gunn & moore cricket bat is a highly-rated model among Test players. The company was founded in the UK in 1913 by English Test cricketer William Gunn. His brother Thomas James Moore also started the brand, and the two have since become synonymous with cricket bats. The company’s factory in Nottingham, England produces cricket bats using advanced technology. Some of the famous players who have endorsed this cricket bat include Shane Watson, Graeme Swann, Michael Vaughan, and Quinton de Kumble.

This cricket bat has been a mainstay of the cricket kit bag for generations. The Gunn & Moore Diamond blade was specially designed for Ben Stokes’ attacking style. It features a mid-swell, a traditional full blade profile, and toe-tek toe protection. It is also made with the highest grade of English willow. The G&M bat is available in various price ranges.