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Best Interior Painting Tips to Beautify Your Home

Whether you’re looking to create stunning interiors or want to refurbish your house decors, painting the walls of your home is one of the best ways to enhance its appeal. Of course, house painting in Melbourne can also help improve the resale value of your home if that’s what you intend to achieve after enhancing the look of your house. Whether you are thinking about selling your home or want to accentuate its outlook, we have interior painting tips to help you with painting solutions while staying within your budget.

You must hire a  professional interior painter for house painting in Melbourne. There are countless DIY projects available, but you must consider getting it done by joining your hands with residential painting professionals in Melbourne. It will ensure that you get delivered with the best interior painting solutions. This blog will walk you through all the necessary tips to prepare for house painting in Melbourne. So, get prepared to turn your home into something that looks more like a model home than an actual living space!

9 Tips for House Painting Services in Melbourne

1. Clean the Surface

A tack cloth is a cheap painting tool for residential painting in Melbourne that cleans the surface before painting or ensures the best results. Tack cloth is a beeswax-impregnated cheesecloth that smoothly removes sawdust, wood shavings, and other debris from your surface. If you don’t have one, you can use a damp cloth instead of a tack cloth, but first, squeeze it thoroughly.

2. High-Quality Roller and Paint Brushes

Roller covers of poor quality leave fuzz and lint on the walls. To avoid this, make sure you choose high-quality brushes and ensure fine painting solutions for your home. The professionals say that it is better to spend a little more money on excellent roller covers and brushes so that your surface can have a superior finish.

3. High-Quality Paint

You can opt for cheap-rated paint, but have you thought about its cons? Probably not if you think of purchasing cheap-rated paint and it will chip away easily. Also, it is not a durable paint option. The experts of professional painting services in Melbourne always advise choosing high-end paints that suit surface types and last long, along with providing a sheen to the walls of your home.

4. Test for Loose Paint

Will the previously painted surface support new paint and hold it for years? You never know what will happen to the paint later, you may get a good idea of a surface’s quality by using a strip of duct tape to test it. Apply a strip of duct tape to the affected area, then rip it off. You may need to scrape and sand if paint flakes larger than microscopic size come off.

5. Apply Stick Painters Tape

Painter’s tape, often known as the blue tape, has such a low-stick adhesive that it is easy to remove and won’t tear off primer or paint. The painter’s tape can be costly, so it is better to use it liberally and carefully along the edges of all non-paintable surfaces, such as the intersection between walls and ceilings.

6. Use Masking Film

Masking film is one of those little-known secrets that experienced painters utilise, but many DIY artists are unaware of. Masking film is a thin plastic sheet in rolls or squares that can be folded up. Its thinness is crucial to its success. Unlike the thicker plastic sheeting commonly used to cover furniture, Masking film latches onto flat surfaces and stays put on its own. You don’t need to tape the film down unless you’re bringing it to the edge of a painted surface. The masking film is held in place by static electricity.

7. Wrap Brushes to Avoid Cleaning

You’ll have to clean up and pick it up after your painting day. Cleaning the brushes and rollers is a chore that folks despise and might be you too! Brushes are difficult to clean, but a paint comb comes in handy. Cleaning roller coverings are more complex; no matter how much you wash the roller, it seems to dry too stiff to use again. Therefore, pre-wrap it to avoid any mess and cleaning.

To Summarise,

To beautify and modernise your house, painting its interior can be one of the best options you can ever opt for. Now that you know about the necessary prepping steps for painting, contact the professionals! Blue Sky Coatings is known to provide outstanding painting services in Melbourne. We have a trained and certified team of professionals for painting solutions that makes us deliver our work flawlessly. If why choose us is popping in your mind, here’s why:

  • We consult to know what are your expectations,
  • Consultation is followed by finalising the painting solutions,
  • Execution takes place under the supervision of experts,
  • We make last-minute checks,
  • Deliver the work on time.
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