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Best Family Treks in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best destinations for trekking, not only for solo or couple travelers but also for anyone who wants to trek with their family members, which includes both senior citizens and children. 

Nepal is a family-friendly place where one can make the best memories with kids. There are hundreds of packages made for tourists visiting Nepal, but it is crucial to decide on an excellent and comfortable trek when you are traveling with your family. 

One may find it very confusing to find an excursion that matches the capacity of adults and children at the same time, so here are some carefully picked trekking routes one can opt for family trips. 

Both children and adults will love this journey to the top, and after all, who does not love mountains and the heavenly view of the valleys and hills. This trek will help the parents to connect their children to nature, and it will be an escape for the parents from their daily busy life.

Everest Base camp Trek

This is one of the most popular trekking packages in Nepal. However, Nepal trekking Team ensures that this trek is appropriately designed to meet the requirements of a family trip.

 This specially designed itinerary makes sure that this 16 days trek is extended to a 20 days trek for the comfort of the small and senior ones. During this 20-day itinerary, one can trek at moderate speed and enjoy the view at the same time, and there is no rush throughout the trip.

This trek is a long one, and there may be doubts about taking children on this trek among parents. However, many people have brought their kids along in the past and made the trip a successful one.

The hike is not very hard if you take the proper precautions, listen to the rules, and, very importantly, follow the correct route. This trek will not only bring kids close to nature but also help them understand cultural differences and associations with others.

Ghorepani Poon hill trek

This journey is based near the hills of Annapurna and is quite famous for its extraordinary and crystal clear view. This trek is perfect for all the family members as the highest altitude it takes up to is 3210 meters which is suitable for both kids and adults. 

The route to the basecamp takes a trekker to almost all the forms of nature, which includes rural valleys, forests, hills, mountains, and so much more. This trek brings one close to the lifestyle of people in the Himalayan range. It allows interacting with locals and learning about their lives and culture.

The route also passes through a forest area which is not dangerous. The forest has a vast variety of colorful flowers and plants. This trek hence becomes one of the perfect destinations for family travel as it cooperates with all forms of nature and is the best exposure to nature a child can receive.

Langtang Valley Trek

This trek is your ideal one if you are looking for a relaxing hike. This trek gives you more with fewer efforts. The less crowded and well-designed route of this trek is one of the biggest reasons people choose it. 

The uniform increase in the height of this trek gives an advantage of easy adaptation of the lungs, and hence the altitude does not become a problem. The top of the valley is generally covered with snow which is very beautiful and makes the trek worthy of all the efforts. 

Beautiful view of Langtang valley – mountains in Nepal

Also, this valley has a massive settlement of Sherpa and Tamang people, who are very friendly and welcoming. This becomes the perfect opportunity to interact with them and learn and observe their lifestyle in the Himalayas, which is very far away from our busy city lives. Langtang hence becomes a good destination for a family trek.  

Everest Panorama Trek

This trek takes place near the Khumbu district, just like that of the Everest Base Camp Trek. However, the trek will not take you to the Everest Base Camp. This trek is considerably more straightforward than that of the Everest Base Camp, and one can prepare the kids for other challenging journeys and routes with the help of this trek. 

This trek is like that of a movie scene with a combination of green grass and a fantastic view of the snowcapped mountains. This view becomes perfect with the combination of these beautiful contrasting natural colors. 

The fact that the trek will take you up to 3860 meters from sea level makes the trip more likely to become a family-friendly one. One can also visit the Grand Tengboche Monastery during the trek. 

Overall, there is not a single reason for this trek not to be family-friendly. In fact, the grasslands are the perfect area for the kids to play and run around without any hesitation from the parents.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

This trek to the Annapurna Base Camp trek is a fantastic combination of clear waterfalls, tropical forests with a massive variety of flora, and green landscapes. This destination is the actual form of the scenery we used to draw as kids. 

The journey to the camp is free of hurdles and is relatively smooth. Many people in this area earn their living by poultry farming, and hence the interaction with herds of cattle, goats, or sheep is pervasive here. However, these animals are domestic and do not cause any harm. 

Also, the fact that Annapurna is the tenth highest mountain in the world is very actual, and trekking to the base camp of this mountain with your kids is a pride in itself. The kids will love this switch to the hassle-free life in the Himalayas. 

Kids learn a lot from interaction with strangers, the people here are amiable, and the overall journey to the camp is relatively safe. The trek is kids friendly as it is not a fast-paced one. Also, the adults can enjoy the hike when the kids are having fun.

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