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Best Crossfit Gym Bag: What to Have in Your Backpack?

Is your Crossfit gym bag getting messy? It’s time to organize it well and ensure you have everything you want for a successful workout! Go through all the tips here.

As per some study, over 50% of all gym members are women. If you’re also one of them, we know you might be wondering what to pack in a gym bag.

Whether you are a bonafide fitness fanatic or beginner, your best crossfit gym bag should have 12 most essential things in your bag.

What are they? Let’s get started!

12 Things to Pack in Your Gym Bag

There are few things in this life, you just cannot live without. When you think about working out, these gym essentials should always be there in your gym bag.

1. Water Bottle

Hydration is crucial when it comes to doing exercise. You should keep a water bottle with you, no matter where you go, and that becomes very important when it comes to the gym. Especially when you think of how many gyms are not providing fountain solutions because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

2. Gym Shoes

Maybe your gym sneakers complement your outfit of the day. If so, then great —you don’t even require to pack them—just deck up in gym wear.

The possibilities are you’ll be sporting various shoes outside the gym, specifically if you exercise after or before class or work. In this case, don’t forget to add your gym shoes to your backpack. Light fabric or mesh shoes are the ideal gym gear alternative, as they’re breathable, lightweight, and don’t take up a lot of time and space.

3. Life Essentials

Other than shoes, water bottles etc. your keys, phone, and wallet are essential items. These’re simply the things which you don’t like to leave in the house. Ensure that you have these essentials with you prior to even considering hitting the gym.

4. Towels

Keep a small quick-drying gym towel to utilize while you begin sweating. If you think of a shower after your session, get a full-sized towel too so that you have something with you to clear your sweat.

5. Odor Remover

That gym bag, with all its towels and shoes, can actually get stinky. If you’re a yogi, know how to clean your yoga mat, to avoid unwanted odors.

Solve that by carrying an odor remover with you. Whether you utilize odor balls, a powder or a spray, always have something to reduce the smell—especially if you take your gym duffle bag in your car or office.

6. Change of Clothes

When you head to the gym, you have two sets of clothes: one that you’ll have on your body when you exercise, and another one that you’ll wear afterwards. If you’re traveling right from home to the gym, you might deck up in workout clothes there. In that case, get a few comfortable street clothes for after.

7. Clean Undergarments and Socks

As you quickly pack your extra tops as well as bottoms, always bring spare socks, underwear, etc. These are a few of the pieces that are must to have in your bag.

8. Headphones

This is a modern-day requirement. Whether you want to listen to the tunes or you’re a podcast kind of girl, the gym is incomplete without headphones. Choose wireless headphones, and don’t even think about a tangled mess of cables again.

9. Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

Do you use a fitness tracker or a smartwatch to track your progress? Okay, of course, you do… but monitoring your exercise progress is half the fun. Wear your smartwatch to track your steps as well as your heart rate, or simply download an app on your phone to monitor your fitness milestones.

10. Face and Body Wipes

Do you have time for shower post-workout? Maybe, you don’t have it and that’s why you need body and face wipes. In a pinch, you can utilize these for a quick dry shower. Give yourself an excellent body wipe, and you’ll feel really fresh as a daisy until you get time for a good scrub.

11. Snacks

All this exercise is great hard work! If you develop an appetite amid your routine, we recommend using a few protein bars or various snacks in your bag. They won’t necessarily replace a meal, but they’re ideal to bring energy back post-workout snacks.

12. Protein Powder

Protein is important to muscle growth as well as recovery after exercise. For those of you that truly like protein powder, you won’t need to head to the gym without your shaker bottle. Also, bring some good pea protein or old whey with you.

Organize Your Gym Bag

The best way to organize your gym bag with a yoga mat holder is to keep all the essential stuff you want during and after your workout. Take care of your during-workout needs and post-workout portion to make the most of your gym time. 

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