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Best Child care centres in Rowville

What is a Child Care Centre?

The purpose of child care centres is to provide full-time or part-time care for children in communities specially designed for such purposes. Depending on the location, they may be located in shopping centres, office towers, or even on their grounds. A child care centre may be run by a private company, a city council, a community organisation, an employer, or a non-profit organisation.

Since the centres are often open from early morning to late evening, centre-based care is also known as “child care centres.” Some centres may operate longer each day and on weekends than the typical opening hours of child care centres during the week. A minimum of 48 weeks of the year are dedicated to the operation of centres.

Children between birth and five are usually cared for in child care centres. There will be several children of different ages attending each centre. Depending on the state, each carer can only care for a certain number of children.

Knowing about the best Child care centre in Rowville is necessary to provide children with the quality education and health that a parent craves.

Why Child Care Centres?

  1. Preparation for School
  2. An established routine
  3. Language and Cognitive Development
  4. Social Engagement,

The city of Rowville attains its best to get its child care facilities with a top-notch education and skill development. The mission is to offer a child a safe, secure, and home-like atmosphere where they can feel protected and appreciated.

The philosophy behind a childcare facility is to promote a promise and a source of hope. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) of the Australian Curriculum and the National Quality Standard are interwoven with a quality Montessori program that inspires the early learning journey. The goal of a childcare facility is to assist youngsters in acquiring critical life skills that will help them grow in the future.

The city of Rowville promotes 5 Montessori Learning Areas:

Practical Life

A practical life curriculum helps young children develop physical coordination, fine motor skills, self-care, and environmental awareness.


The sensory course promotes a variety of games and exercises for kids to get a sense of the physical world, including characteristics such as size, colour, shape, and dimension.


The Montessori mathematics resource demonstrates mathematical principles, including numeration, place value, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.


The Montessori language resources offer opportunities to practice a language with the help of writing and promote reading in different languages.


disciplines include cultural history, geography, science, zoology, and botany.

The Kindergarten program is fully stocked with top-notch Montessori resources to allow students to explore the five curriculum sections specifically created to meet the developmental requirements of young children.

Courses promoted by the city of Rouville.

Rouville schools have a government-approved Montessori kindergarten program. There are some special programs such as.

Chinese Language Program.

Each campus offers a Chinese Language Program taught in-depth by native speakers. These programs nurture language skills among children and are provided by some of the best Childcare centres Rowville.

Food and Nutrition.

At schools, kids are provided with wholesome, well-balanced meals. The facility avoids refined and processed foods and restricts the amount of sugar in all meals.


Reading is a must for children of all ages, and books are part and parcel of fostering the reading habit. Every room has a designated reading area where kids may unwind, read, and be read to by someone. Dedicated library space is also available as a calmer alternative to outside playtime’s bustle.

Music-Inspired Program.

It has been demonstrated that music substantially impacts a child’s cognitive growth and academic advancement. In addition to stimulating the senses, music aids in language development in youngsters.

Some childcare centres offer all these programs bundled in a single place. Parents’ selection of a correct childcare facility is essential for the child and affects their skills in nurturing. These services help a child grow in a holistic yet safe environment.



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