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Best Brand to buy accessories

Are you looking for the accessories to upgrade your on-the-go looks? We have got your covered! Borjan is the answer to your accessories problem.

Borjan has been working in the industry from more than a decade and have excelled the areas of modern and trendy shoes for all group of ages almost.

Moreover, now borjan is also playing in the sector of accessories and making quality stuff with unique ideas and creativity involved. The brand has got name in making jewelry and bags and working on the other types of accessories too alongside.

The types of accessories borjan is dealing with is jewelry, various types of bags, clutches, belts, wallets, cufflinks, shoe accessories including socks polishes buckles & wound protectors, mirrors, scarfs, shawls and cape shawls and now they have introduced fragrances as well. Let have a detailed look at all of the accessories.


There are many types of bags borjan offers for everyone. The categories include shoulder bags, sling bags and hand bags. The bags are made with high quality durable and sustainable materials that remains as new as it was in the beginning for a long time.

The styles are well researched from the current market demand and meets the latest fashion needs of the industry. Women handbags section has such beautiful range that nobody can take eyes off them as all of the bags are kept versatile in terms of various colors sizes and volume. Backpacks are also kept in the line for that niche.

All backpacks specially the backpacks for women are made with strong and durable materials to carry the weight more than a normal shoulder bag would carry to suit the needs of college going girls and office going women carrying laptops and stuff with style. 

Clutches and wallets: 

Another, one of the very popular categories from women accessories is clutches and wallets. Clutches are usually made with all those glitters and stones to make them fit for weddings, parties or festive occasions. Whereas wallets are kept simple yet stylish for the daily casual needs. On the other hand, wallets for men are also available with a wide range of options to choose. 


Borjan have a wide variety of jewelry items for women. The jewelry is mostly imported with a quality check on all of them. Some of them are designed and assembled local with top notch materials having stones chains and locks. The jewelry section has bracelets and bangles, beautiful range of elite quality rings and earrings & studs. They also have pendant sets having locket or chokers with matching earrings and rings. The quality of jewelry in borjan women accessories is remarkable and one of its kind. 

Belts and Cufflinks: 

As some of the categories have products for all genders but some are for the specific ones. One of them is cufflinks. At borjan, you can see a variety of cufflinks with multiple styles and sizes either fancy or casual ones. The cufflinks are also made with premium quality materials keeping the rusting and color fading away. Other then cufflinks, men have a specifies section for belts where they can find the belts according to their needs and preferences. Moreover, the women belts section is also there to cater them as well.

Socks, polishes and foot beds: 

Everybody knows borjan is a footwear brand mainly so how they cannot have the accessories related to shoes. At borjan you will find various options for socks in multiple colors to choose the matching ones with your shoes. Also, there are food beds which provides grip and protect your feet from sores or wounds too. To keep the leather shoes shiny and new, polishes, cleaners and shiners are also available at outlets and online too. 


In women accessories, scarfs are also available in a wide range and multiple fabrics. These scarfs have different ranges of stuffs and colors for summers and winters separately. The scarfs are made with lightweight materials with beautiful prints or in solid colors to fit with your suits, tops & jeans or with jackets and coats. 

Shawls and cape shawls: 

For winters, borjan releases a special category of shawls and cape shawls for women and a limited variety for men too. Cape shawls are made with good quality warm woolen materials to keep that cold wind away from you. The cape shawls have different styles either they can be front open or can have crew necks to cater your style needs. 


Borjan recently launched its range of perfumes for men and women both. The range is limited but have the finest fragrances that are evermore. These perfumes are not only long lasting but also have addictive fragrances which one can never forget. Some are kept soft and sweet while some have strong notes and crisp effect. These fragrances are formulated after good research by the experienced experts to take the best out of it. All of them are tested before releasing and made on the SOPs of using harmless materials to your sensitive skin.


Borjan have some limited yet unique stock of mirrors to be kept on a vanity and in the bags for travelling purposes. The glass used in these mirrors is ultra-clear and smooth. These mirrors are weightless and easy to carry with.

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