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Benefits of Minimalist Web design!

Minimalist website design is the opposite of the type of web design that requires continuous website maintenance. You can avoid the type of website whereby you use a web development company and need to put the web designer on retainer because it is likely that you will use the web design company’s expertise to continually update your website.

For small to medium-size businesses, freelancers, and hobby websites, no one wants to continue paying a fortune to web designers just to keep the site up to date when there are much easier options out there.

Below we look at some examples of the minimalist web design approach and some of the key benefits it has not just to reduce your expenditure but to also have a fast, efficient, and mobile/desktop website that serves its purpose!

Minimalistic Maintenance

Back in the early days of web design, having a web developer on retainer or on-demand was unavoidable. Code was not as efficient as it is today, and there were no website builders. Even WordPress was not as user-friendly as most review websites made it out to be.

Even today WordPress still needs numerous security and plug-in updates and someone with no web design knowledge would need to hire an expert to keep the site up to date. However, the best website builder is now the new fad in web development.

All you need to do is sign up, buy a domain name, and select a theme. You now have a user-friendly drag-and-drop site readymade complete with free hosting. You pay a small monthly fee for the convenience and the team/brand behind your website keeps the website security and hosting up to date behind the scenes without your knowledge.

It also means your website will be future-proof because any extra security that needs adding or encryption upgrades is all performed by the website builder brand you subscribe to.

Mobile-Friendly Website (Responsive Web Design)

Website builders give you minimalist web design in so many ways, and one of them is their responsiveness. There was a time when all the websites on the net had to invest in a new website or mobile app to reach smartphone and tablet users. For web designing, you can check for US Web Studio, they are the best at work.

The costs involved were astronomical. However, website builders require little to no mobile configuration. This is because most of these sites use HTML5 to transport code to the user’s device.

HTML5 knows the device it is sending your website code to and makes sure that it will deliver a version that fits the user’s screen size. That means no mobile maintenance fees, one time design that fits both mobile and desktop devices, and there is no need for a mobile app which only means more maintenance!

Quick & Attractive Page Designs (Drag & Drop)

Getting your website pages organized so they present the information you want your readers to absorb is a tough challenge.

It often means wireframe designs, obstacles because of the platform you are using to design the website, and plenty of time-consuming discussions between you and the web designer. And remember, the web design expert is on the clock too, which means added costs every time you want to change something.

Minimalist web design via website builders allows you to create a new page, create a text, video, or image box, set the size, and drag then drop it onto the page. Behind the page, the code is so intelligent that it is adjusting (or effectively doing a web designer’s job) to the changes or additions you make to the page. No coding, no learning, no experience, and no web design experience is required.

Fast Load Speeds

Load speeds are the key to having a website that does not bog site visitors. Imagine knowing that clicking on the next page is just going to mean another 30-second wait for the web page to load. In today’s fast world where web pages are expected on demand, even a 5 second load speed is too much for most people!

One of the core ideas of minimalist web design is to reduce the amount of code on the page by creating simple but effective content. Also, this type of web design controls how code is delivered to the website visitor’s device. I.e., it should not send the entire page in one go, and instead only the top of the page that the user will see. Therefore, the site visitor sees the top part of the page quickly while the rest of the page then loads behind it.

If your website has pop-ups, code added that should not be there, too many images, and a video embedded on the page, all this can slow the page load speed down. With website builders, the page automatically uses only the code required and automatically discards old code so it is not included in the next page request – with custom build websites and WordPress websites old code often lingers on the page because it was not correctly removed – something you do not have to worry about when using a website builder!