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Benefits and Challenges of Solar Energy In Australia

Are you still confused or skeptical about solar energy or panels? The debate is still on, whether solar panels are right for you or not. It is information about PV (photovoltaic) technology, which means electricity from the energy of the sun.

So, in this article, we will dive deep into the pros and cons, of using, installing, and maintaining solar energy or panels.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Energy

We will put our feet into the customers’ shoes to examine solar energy. Most of the factors apply to commercial plants, enterprises, and businesses when purchasing solar panels.

The pros of solar energy are that they reduce energy bills, consistently get cheaper year by year, have a tangible return on investment, are environmentally friendly and you will gain energy independence.

On the other hand, the cons of solar energy are that it is costly in the beginning, is an unreliable source of energy, needs space, and they are a long-term and static investment.

The debate about solar panel energy among Australians is becoming stronger day by day. No doubt drawbacks are still there, but we can with proper planning, management, and some proper investment.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Minimize Energy Bill

Most people consider buying solar panels for these two reasons: one is they want to reduce electricity bills and the second is they prefer to make the solars their primary source of energy.

Keep in mind that the whole world is shifting towards solar panels slowly and gradually. And this shift in PV technology or solar energy is not only limited to developed countries like Europe, North America, and East Asia but also to developing countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

According to one piece of research, consumers in California, save $99,181 over the lifetime of their solar panels. In Australia, many states have a very strong metering support system. Instead of wasting your excess energy, you can feed it back into the grid. So with this, you can save up to $1000 in energy bills in a year.

Be Safe From Fluctuations In Energy Prices

Fluctuations in energy prices are not the only problem in Australia, but around the world. In this case, solar energy panels are the best investments in protecting yourself from electricity prices.

Do you know Australia is in the top 10 countries paying the lowest electricity price for one unit? But then the question arises in the mind, why do you prefer solar panels? The answer is very simple. In Australia, the energy prices are dropping due to renewable energy from solar panels.

But wait, it’s not just over. Again, the world is going toward solar energy and prices will begin to rise due to the ban on coal fires. The whole world is seriously shutting down coal fire plants because of the poor economy and because it is bad for the environment. So, the consumption of solar energy and wind energy will take place.

By plantation of solar panels, energy prices will go down. So, investment in solar energy will protect your economic condition and the world environment. Solar Energy Townsville is the best option for you in Australia.

Future of Solar Panel is Bright

Technology is getting better day by day and solar panel is no exception. The good omen is that solar panel industry experts say that by 2023, the prices of solar panels will begin to reduce. And in the present year (2022), the prices are as high as they were in 2019.

Price hike in the solar industry is a temporary phenomenon. Installing solar panels in Australia is cheaper, convenient, affordable, sustainable, and best for the environment.

Solar Energy is Environmentally Friendly

Climate Change has become the most dangerous problem the whole world is facing and will be in the future if we don’t take important precautions. So, in this scenario, apart from affordability and savings, solar energy is environmentally friendly. And it is the most selling option for energy consumers.

Solar energy is renewable means every morning the sun shines and our solars can get their optimum energy from it. And above all, solar energy does not produce any greenhouse gases.

Challenges of Solar Power in Australia

You don’t get all roses and sunshine of solar energy. There are some serious challenges to keep in mind.

The first challenge to solar energy is that its upfront cost is very high. Many households when hearing about this they put their hands up. Even he or she knows that this is a one-time investment.

The second is manufacturing solar panels may not be environmentally friendly. We all know that solar energy is does not emit any greenhouse gases and renewable too. But the talk on manufacturing solar panels can harm the environment is still in the debate.

Thirdly, yes, it is without any doubt that solar panels cover some space. Mostly, installing panels is not such a huge problem for households but it is a serious problem when you consider solar panels for commercial use.

In concluding the debate about the benefits and challenges of solar power it offers far more benefits than disadvantages. With a little planning, foresight, and investment, solar energy does have some disadvantages. Solar panels will be worth every cent you invest in them over the long run. Additionally, they are better for the economy in the long run, as well as for the environment.