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Before Wedding Skin Care Tips

Most women have their dream wedding planned in every specific detail even before they meet their husbands from the color of the dress, type of flowers down to what type of jewellery to be worn that would accentuate the gown. Wedding ceremonies are most treasured for both the bride and groom as they display their vows, commitment and love for each other.

We all know how painstakingly busy every bride is in preparing the most awaited big day and most of the time forgets that she is the star and main focus in her wedding,  meaning all eyes are on the bride.  With this too much attention, it is really common for a bride to panic when noticing that dark under eyes seems to be more noticeable days before the wedding! Covering it with makeup can do the trick but having Under Eye Fillers can make a difference and gives a natural glow.

Just like the big event, preparing the skin pre-wedding needs to be prioritised and this needs a lot of planning and the earlier the better especially if there are skin issues that need to be corrected and treated like Under Eye Dermal Filler Melbourne. To achieve more younger-looking and hydrated skin. One can start having the skincare routine at least 3 to 6 months prior to the wedding. 

Pre-wedding Skin Care

Establishing a quality skincare regimen includes a few steps and products. Choosing what product to use is dependent on skin type. However, the most common in skincare regimen is the use of antioxidants during the day such as Vitamin C and E; while in the evening, the use of Vitamin A for cell regulation It is also important to include a gentle and non-stripping cleanser. So, just start slowly and add in more products and steps as you along. Here are the basic daily routines one can have;


Washing the face daily reduces breakouts. One can choose to have either an oil-based cleanser or water-based depending on the skin type nonetheless, both can help in gently removing excess oil, dirt and makeup. For oily sensitive skin, oil-based products are best to be used due to too much clearing of the skin’s natural oils.


when choosing and using the correct exfoliate produce, regular exfoliation does not necessarily be harsh Exfoliating clears pores from dirt that cause breakouts. This also prepares the skin to absorb the minerals in the skin care products used. However, for those with sensitive skin, it is advisable to use gentle exfoliation products months before the wedding day to see how the skin reacts, and can just adjust the frequency thereupon.


Get the right moisturizer based on skin type. This will seal in the moisture and make sure to have a broad SPF sunscreen.

There is no end to beauty disaster

Stress hormones are the main culprit that wreaks havoc on the skin. Undeniably, planning a wedding gives more stress especially as the date becomes nearer. 

Managing stress 

This involves healthy habits such as regular exercise to minimize skin reactions that may be intensified by stress such as acne.

Retinol and hyaluronic acid

If retinol and hyaluronic acid are not yet part of the skincare routine, it is high time to include them. These two works wonder to the skin, retinol ( derivative of  Vitamin A ) helps in fighting the loss of natural fullness of the face as it retains moisture. Retinol can also even out skin tone is used consistently as it removes the layers of dead skin and unclogs the pores. While hyaluronic acid when applied topically, helps in water retention and regulates moisture for balanced and hydrated skin. 


It is true that beauty starts from within. Eating healthy and nutritious food can make a difference to our skin and so does drinking water regularly as it can help in achieving glowing skin by keeping the skin’s natural moisture level and flushing out toxins in our organs.

Visit a professional for treatment

Book an appointment with a licensed and experienced practitioner at least two months out from the wedding if you want to opt for treatment like under eye filler This treatment gets rid of the tired-looking appearance, hollowing and dark circles under the eyes as it replaces the lost volume and gives off to a more youthful and refreshed look.

Keep it simple 

During the final stretch before the wedding day, avoid introducing new products into the skincare routine to avoid any effects and reactions. Instead, just maintain the same routine until the big day.

Here at SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors, with our highly qualified cosmetic doctors with extensive years of experience in Under Eye Fillers Melbourne and with the use of high-quality products, you can have the confidence in achieving your desired aesthetic goals as you walk down the aisle. 

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