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Decorative laminates have become the most popularly used surfacing materials in the 21st century because of their phenomenal functionality and spectacular aesthetics. These cost-effective laminate sheets are a great way to substitute expensive traditional surfaces like paint, wood, marble, and plywood. Royale Touche Laminates manufacture some of the most diverse and premium quality laminates like matte and high-gloss laminates, suede laminates, textured laminates, PVC and acrylic laminates, and exterior laminates. Be it for your wall panels, furniture, or kitchen cabinets, we can always offer you the perfect solution.

What are High-Gloss Laminates?

High-gloss decorative laminate sheets are glossy laminates which have a shiny reflective top layer to make your interiors look more luxurious and posh. The mirror-like surface of high-gloss laminates allows abundant light and air inside the space and makes it look spacious and air-circulated. If you have a small and clustered space, pastel-coloured high-gloss laminates can do wonders for you. Available in several colours and patterns, Royale Touche’s high-gloss laminates are quite popular these days to be used in corporate and commercial spaces as well.

Properties of High-Gloss Laminates

  • High-gloss decorative laminates can give a sophisticated and expensive look to your interiors making them look large and spacious. The reflective surface is great for adding some shine and glamour to your space helping them appear less dull or boring.

  • Royale Touche laminates can offer you an extensive laminate catalogue with countless colours, designs, and patterns for your required space. The diverse variety of high-gloss laminate designs contribute to its multifunctionality and therefore, can be used for different surfaces like wall panels, furniture, desktops and shelves.
  • Decorative laminates that are shiny and reflective are manufactured to be resistant to spills and stains. This is why high-gloss laminates are a popular choice for kitchen cabinets since they do not catch a lot of oil and grease inside the kitchen.

  • The smooth surface of these decorative laminates is quite easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a mixture of dish soap and warm water, and a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe the surface of the laminate sheet. This makes them a hygienic option as well.

What are Suede Finish Laminates?

One distinct point of difference between the high-gloss and suede finish laminates is their texture and finishing. Where high-gloss laminates have a reflective and shiny top player, suede laminates have a matte finish that has a soft and warm top surface with a cushioned top layer. This leather-like finish gives a classy look to your interiors and gives them a splash of character and depth. If you are looking forward to renovating your space and making it look more authentic, suede finish laminates are the best bet for you.

Properties of Suede Finish Laminates

  • Suede finish laminates have a soft, cushioned, protective top layer that prevents them from serious damage. It also prevents any unwanted scratches on the surface to which the laminate is applied.
  • Suede finish laminate sheets are widely used in countertops, kitchen cabinets, and some other furniture. They create a classy, personalised look and the premium matte texture is perfect for creating a magnificent aesthetic appeal to your interiors.
  • Unlikehigh-gloss laminates, suede finishes are supremely resilient to water and regular wear and tear. The matte finish prevents stubborn marks and stains and it is extremely easy to maintain these sheets. For best results, wipe the suede surfaces with a soft cloth dipped in water regularly.
  • These decorative laminate sheets are quite economical and cost-effective. Their durability and long shelf-life make them a viable option to be used in place of other traditional surfaces.

When considering the functionality, both high-gloss and suede laminates are great choices for decorating your interiors. However, high-gloss laminates have many applications and are available in countless colours and patterns. Suede laminate sheets, on the other hand, have great durability and come with an extra protective cushioned layer. We suggest you consider your needs cautiously before finalizing any decision about the kind of laminate you want for your space

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