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Ayurvedic medicibe for cholesterol – should you give it a try?

High cholesterol causes severe medical condition. it leads to various heart diseases. The serious medical conditions that may arise due to high cholesterol are heart attacks, heart disease, restricted blood flow in the heart, stroke etc. 

The problem of cholesterol may be due to various factors such as poor diet, smoking, genetical problem, excessive body weight etc. All these things affect the cholesterol level in the body. Many people rely on cholesterol medicines. However, you many rely on alternative treatment which is quite effective such as Ayurvedic medicine. 

Ayurveda is said to be the oldest medical system of the world. It uses different types of supplements, behavioral modifications, detoxification and diet as remedies to prevent this disease and promote good health. 

Why choose Ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol

The modern treatment for high cholesterol includes modifications in lifestyle as well as cholesterol control medications like statins. Like other treatment procedure, Ayurvedic treatment for high cholesterol consists of direct restriction, yoga, breathing exercise, massage, behavioral modification, heat therapy, exercise and herbal supplements. Most of the Ayurvedic practitioners focus on creating a proper treatment plan based on the needs of the individuals. As per the studies, there are some Ayurvedic practices such as supplements, dietary modifications and stress reduction reduce the cholesterol level in the body and promote good health. 

What Ayurvedic supplements are used to treat high cholesterol? 

Ayurvedic medicine uses different types herbs for treating high cholesterol. These herbs are mainly guggul, garlic and arjuna. These herbs are either used alone or along with other things such as shilajit, ginger, cyperous rotundus, punarnava, triphala etc. All these types of ingredients are combined to create the most effective Ayurvedic medicine such as Mustadi Ghanavti. It is a kind of mixture that contains turmeric, Cyperus rotundus and other types of Ayurvedic substances. 

Different forms of Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is available in different forms like powders, juices, extracts, tablets etc. You can choose to take any form as per your convenience. 

Is Ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol prove effective? 

As per research, the age-old Ayurvedic medicines proves effective as well as useful for treating high cholesterol level. The most common Ayurvedic practice that is often used in reducing the cholesterol level is dietary modification. The Ayurvedic practitioners suggest diets that contain low fat and calorie intake. Moreover, Ayurvedic dietary modification promotes unprocessed and whole foods, focusing mainly on plant-based foods that mainly restricts the intake of proceed food. Cutting excess calories from food and including nourishing food in the dietary regime are the most effective Ayurvedic practices that help to lower the cholesterol level in the body. Like cholesterol, Ayurvedic medicine for fever is also effective. 

Here in this content, you will come to know about more effective ways of treating high cholesterol level –

  • Increase the intake of fiber-rich food 

As per studies, boosting fibber intake is said to be one of the best ways of reducing cholesterol. Soluble fibers are mostly found in fruits, beans, flax and oats etc. These are the most effective form of diet. 

  • Burn excess body fat

To lower the vel of cholesterol in the body, you should focus on shedding excess fat from the body. Weight loss up to 10% may show a significant fall in the level of cholesterol. 

  • Try to eat more and more plant-based food

When you start eating more and more plant-based food such as fruits and vegetables, it will gradually lower the level of cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. 

  • Try to increase your daily activity level

Exercise is the most effective way to lower the vel of cholesterol. 

  • Maintain a Mediterranean diet

This type of eating pattern is associated with good heart health, lower the lvel of cholesterol, balanced blood pressure level. The diet should be rich in seafood, olive oil, vegetables, beans and nuts. 

  • Cut the intake of added sugar and processed food

The frequent intake processed of processed food and added sugar create a great risk for heart disease. If you reduce the intake of processed food and added sugar, it will gradually reduce the cholesterol level in the body and lower the risk of heart of heart disease. 

These are the most effective ways that can give you a satisfactory result on lowering cholesterol level in the body. 

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