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How does Automated Time Tracking Software help you Track Employee Activities?

An automated time tracking software is a program that records the time a user spends on tasks and projects. It can be used to track the hours spent working on various projects, as well as how much time is spent on individual tasks.This type of software can help a business in many ways, including improving productivity and reducing costs.It provides managers with information they need to stay on top of their employees’ work. It also has the potential to help with billing clients, so they can know how much work was done for each hour billed.
The software is able to track which employees are working at any given time, and what they are working on. This helps businesses allocate resources more effectively and identify potential problems before they become major issues.

Benefits of Using an Automated Time Tracking Software

Automated Timesheet: Software that records the hours an employee works.

Application Tracking: Application Tracking is a system that helps to track all apps activities.

Document Title and Path Tracking: Feature that allows you to track total time spent on them in a day on the file name, location, and path of your document.

URL Tracking: The URL Tracking software can be used to monitor number of clicks on a link and time spent on URL.

Email Tracker: Total time spent on particular mail.

Real-Time Reporting: DeskTrack is a real-time reporting software that provides insights about team performance on Dashboards with real-time metrics.

Scheduled Mailers: Schedule talks with the help of DeskTrack

Offline Time Management: Track activities and sync data also when you are out on the internet.

Mobile App Tracking: Calculate mobile app activities time spent and also measure productivity.

Multi-User Management: Record and manage multi-user activities.

DeskTrack Analytics: Track Activity repost of your team from anywhere.

Desk Capture: Helps in capturing Screenshots and detailed view on working of your team.

How DeskTrack is the Best Automated Time Tracking Software

Desk Track is a great web-based Employee Monitoring and automated time tracking software that has been specially designed for small and medium businesses. Desk Track has numerous benefits over conventional employee monitoring methods and is the most accurate way of tracking employees’ performance in real time with minute details. This software is suitable for industries such as IT, Software Development & ITES with more than one location. Moreover, it can also be used by other forms of businesses like Call Centers, Real Estate Developers, Construction firms and much more.

Monitoring employee activities will be easier with the help of DeskTrack automated time tracking software. Desk Track gives a complete picture of how your business is performing and how much time is being spent on each task.

DeskTrack offers a variety of features to help you manage your projects and employees more effectively. It has an easy-to-use interface with intuitive features and customizable reports. DeskTrack can also integrate with other popular project management software like Jira, Trello, Asana etc.
With DeskTrack, you can:

  • Track time spent on different projects
  • Monitor your employees
  • Keep them on track
  • Get accurate reports for better decision making
  • Integrate with other popular project management software
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