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Asana Pricing vs Replicon – Making the Right Decision 

Finding the right project management solution for your company can be a challenge. Buyers are not only concerned about the features but they want to make sure the total cost of ownership fits in their budget. This article compares Asana pricing vs Replicon to provide readers with a better idea of the difference between the two. We look at the list of important features, vendor reliability, pros, cons, and impressions from user reviews. Once the readers have gone through the facts they will be equipped to make the right decision.  

Asana Pricing vs Replicon – The Basics

Asana is a collaboration platform that brings all team members together and helps them align their energy towards a common goal. They can break the effort down into several parts and make sure all project objectives are achieved before it ends. The software helps users deal with the challenges associated with coordination and communication. It provides them with the right amount of information, connects the right people, and makes sure all deliverables go out at the right time.  

Replicon software makes project planning less of a hassle with all its features and functionalities. It gives teams a better platform to conduct their business and build an application that is completely customized. From the evaluation, implementation, adoption, and every other stage of the project lifecycle, Replicon supports the teams. The designers have created the software with the end-user in mind and they are passionate about project management.  

Asana Pricing vs Replicon – Which One is More Expensive? 

Buyers need to consider the total cost of ownership when buying any new software. This includes the license fee, software training expenses, subscription fee, customization, hardware costs, maintenance costs, and other related expenses. All these hidden costs should be included when calculating the total amount of investment required for Asana or Replicon. 

Asana pricing plans start at $10.00 per user per month and it is at par with the average cost of competing project management software. Replicon, on the other hand, starts at $22 per user for monthly billing but when you include all the hidden costs it is much lower than the average cost of ownership for other project management solutions. 

Asana Pricing vs Replicon – Features 

As is the case with any other business solution, buyers need to consider the features and functionality included in the software. They should know the platform can support their workflows and processes. To evaluate the features included in both software, a breakdown of the key features, strengths, and weaknesses of each platform is provided below.  


Asana is an online project management tool that helps teams plan, track and aid the overall management of project activities. There are multiple features included for program organization and task management. Users can provide their clients with all the information necessary to understand the progress of a project. They can also personalize their views according to their preferences and finish every task on time.  

Asana project management software lists down all tasks in the right order and gives teams a step-by-step guide on how to reach a milestone. Users can observe all activities listed in the thread and monitor the key metrics for an organization. The software also provides admin access to the managers and executives. They can assign user roles and make sure the sensitive information is only available to the concerned parties.  

Asana is a project management software that is used to enhance the quality of work by different organizations. It promotes cross-departmental alliance and aids employees in their work. The tool is modeled to improve work management and aids work for companies working in different industries.  


  • A suitable project management solution for small and large businesses 
  • There is a free basic plan that is ideal for those new to project management because it helps them get started 
  • The interface is easy to use and the well-organized layout helps users gain a firm grasp of all activities. 


  • There is no 24/7 user support through live chat or on the phone 
  • There is no option for taking the software training online or through video conferencing 


Replicon software speeds up the process of monitoring the time and expenses of all tasks and projects. Companies are allowed to keep a comprehensive list of all employees, resources, and tasks on the platform. The software updates information everywhere on the platform with the changes made by any user. The reporting and analysis tools measure the progress made against all objectives and help users meet their targets or timelines with ease.  

The project management solution provides multiple benefits related to resource management and process control. It includes a comprehensive calendar and dynamic charts that can be used to search for the availability of all employees or equipment. Project managers can also handle multiple initiatives and optimize their outputs in the process.  

Advanced analytics help companies maintain full control of all projects and also keep old project data safe for future use. The managers can monitor all resource usage, keep track of costs and make sure they follow tried and tested methods by going through the archives. The software can also forecast future availability based on previous trends. 

  • Replicon offers a free demonstration and a free trial to users 
  • Webinars are included to make the software easier to learn for beginners 
  • Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all project processes 
  • All essential metrics are always up-to-date 


  • The software only services in English  
  • The project management package does not include a manufacturing module 
  • The user interface can be confusing to new users especially if they skip out on the training 

Asana Pricing vs Replicon – Conclusion 

Asana project management software can be used by any sector of the industry and is useful to firms of any shape or size. It mostly has users in the healthcare, technology, advertising, or marketing industries. Replicon on the other hand is for small to medium businesses dealing in public administrations, non-profit, and consultancy work. The final choice depends on the buyer’s budget and line of work.  

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